Did you Rock Black Friday? I Didn’t. My Staples Fail

I was really excited about black Friday and the iPad deals at Staples.  There was potential for some real money makers.  I was thinking I could make about $100 per iPad.  With Staples I usually buy 2 iPads at a time.  I’ve heard of others having trouble with Staples if they buy too many iPads.  So I try to stay low.  However, for Black Friday I created a Staples Rewards account in my Wife’s name and I was planning on buying 2 with that account and 2 with my account.

I was all set up and ready to go.  Thursday morning I wake up at 6:00 am, a little late for me, and I get online and go to Staples.  Thinking how smart I am because I knew the sales were starting Thursday not Friday.  Low and behold, I am an idiot because Staples is already out of iPads.  So much for that great idea.  Who knew Staples’ Black Friday sale was starting Thursday at midnight (i.e. Wednesday night).  Not me that’s who.  Live and learn.  Fortunately, there were other deals out there.  

The big one that popped up Friday was Target’s offer for a 20% off promo towards your next purchase if you bought $75 worth of merchandise.  If you combined that offer with Target’s iPad offer ($150 gift card) you would be looking good on your next resale purchase from target.

Another good offer was $125 off iPads at Best Buy.  I bought 2 128GB Air 2 models. I should make about $30 per iPad.  Nothing great but also not bad.

Finally, my favorite deal of the day had nothing to do with resale.  Saks Off 5th was having a fantastic deal on suits and other clothing. I ended up buying 3 suits and a coat for $750.  That was about $1700 off the full retail price.  I am super happy about that one.  Tempting to sell those if I didn’t need them for the day job.

All in all it wasn’t a bad day, but man I wish I got in on the Staples deal.  I am hoping they will get more inventory this week and the sale continues for a little longer.  We shall see.


Well, I may have struck out on black Friday but Staples briefly had more iPad’s available for Cyber Monday.  I was able to grab two.  Went for two more on my wife’s account but were out yet again.  At least I got something.

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