Earn 12x Cash Back on eBay Purchases Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday I posted about a deal on a MacBook Pro that presented as a good resale opportunity.  In that post I mentioned three ways to leverage the deal further to bring your potential profit up to $144.  One of the ways I mentioned was with eBay Bucks. The standard earning rate for eBay Bucks is 2x.  I received an email this morning that they are offering a 3x promotion today and tomorrow.  The MacBook Pro is still available for $804.

In doing my math yesterday I used uPromise as my shopping portal of choice.  This is because it is an established portal and reliable.  Well, since the eBay Bucks is going up why not just do this deal to the max and use the other portal I mentioned.  iConsumer currently offers 4x on eBay purchases.  If you use iConsumer it is worth mentioning that they are a new shopping portal.  So, obviously there is some risk in using them but if you want to max the deal they are the portal of choice.

  • 3x eBay Bucks
  • 4x iConsumer
  • 5x Credit Card Bonus

Together with these three options you will get 12x (5 + 4 + 3) back for an additional $96. Bringing your total potential profit on a single laptop to $176.  I am a little reluctant to use iConsumer, so for me, I would rather stick with uPromise and get 1x.  But, my total cash back even with uPromise is still 9x.

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