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I Just Shut Down My Last Serve Card, Here’s Why

Late last year I opened up a second serve card.  I hadn’t used it at all so I avoided the first wave of shutdowns that occurred on January 8th.  After that blood bath I decided to stay low and not use it and see how the dust settled with people who survived.  Then the second wave of shutdowns hit the beginning of March.  After that I thought to myself, screw it.  I had just applied for some cards and had some minimum spends to meet so I started using it.  Today I just shut it down.

The reason is probably obvious, right?  Granted, the sample size is pretty small but thus far we have seen two big waves of shut downs January and March, so is another due in May?  (Read flyertalk thread here).  Flyertalk also reports some shut downs occurred on April 12.  In all likelihood there is not a pattern of massive shutdowns.  At this point the vast majority of us have been cut off so I doubt there are the numbers left to support reporting of a “third wave” if it indeed comes this month.  Just in case though, I shut down my Serve card.


The other reason I shut it down is Amex added a load fee to my particular brand of Serve card so it was pretty much useless to me anyway.  I only used it in a pinch to meet minimum spends.  My plan moving forward is to open up a bluebird assuming I do not get a shut down email in the next week or so.

Also worth mentioning, Doctor Of Credit is reporting that you can now have open simultaneously BlueBird, Serve, and RedCard.  I will probably open up both a new serve without the load fee and a new blue bird, hit it hard for 30 days and then shut them both down again.

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