Reselling with Letgo, AKA a Complete Waste of Time

As a I mentioned previously I ran into some trouble reselling two Macbook Air laptops.  When FBA became a no go I turned to Craigslist and Letgo.  Craigslist I am sure most of you are familiar with and you are also familiar with the pains of craigslist so I will not dwell on that.  But I did want to touch on Letgo.  You’ve probably seen the commercials.

If only the selling experience on Letgo was that simple.  Instead 100% of the people who responded to my add about the Macbook were scammers.  The conversation usually went something this:


Do people actually fall for this crap?  You know Letgo has trouble with this kind of shit when they explicitly warn you to  beware fraudsters; especially if the deal is too good to be true.  This one wasn’t even the most blatant.  My favorite was the marine who was willing to pay an extra $200 to ship something to his wife.  ok….

If you look through Letgo it is 99% junk for sale.   The Macbook was a bit out of place.  Maybe if the app is used more widely it might prove more useful, but for now?  No thanks.  It is a waste of time and all you will hear from are fraudsters.


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