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An Open Letter to CenturyLink

Dear CenturyLink

One year ago I switched over from Comcast to you for internet.  I was so fed up with Comcast.  After years of high bills, moving goal posts, and haggling, I was done.  I cut the cord, no more cable, just give me internet.  I thought why not try someone new?  So I did, I came to you with open arms.  Who new that within 3 months you would make me miss Comcast, I never would have thought that was possible.

You and I, we got off to a rough start when you lied to me during set up to bilk more money out of me.  The sales rep told me I needed to purchase tech support because it was not included.  That if I had a problem with the installation of my modem I would be charged $119 for help.  He told me to set it up as a monthly payment then cancel it after a month if I successfully set up my modem.  I suppose I was being a bit naive that I actually fell for that line of bullshit. 

When I received my first bill, no tech support charge was on it.  That was odd.  Three months later still, no charge.  Then I finally notice an unknown and reoccurring charge on my credit card from a third party.  I googled them.  They were a tech support company.  I called them up and asked them how they hell they got authorization to charge me.  They told me I was signed up by CenturyLink.  Turns out they are a product CenturyLink sales reps are supposed to upsale.  Mr. Lying Sack of Shit sales rep earned a little extra cash with that clever lie I bet.  I also assume I was not the first person to complain to this tech support company.  They immediately refunded all 3 months of prior payments no questions asked.  I wish I could remember their name, they were very helpful.

I would have loved to quit you right then and there, but unfortunately I was in for a year after signing a contract.  This month I received my bill and noticed that the price on my bill increased by $13.  I thought I had one more month left on my bill, but maybe I was wrong.  I called, gleefully, ready to cancel my service.  I am told canceling is no problem, but I have one month left on my contract and to cancel would incur a cancelation fee.  I asked CSR if I still had a month, why did you charge me the non-contract price? I am told CenturyLink does that as an attention getter with the hope you will call in and renew the contract for a lower rate.  Wow, are you fucking kidding me? I went ahead and canceled.  

How many people have paid the higher rate unnecessarily CenturyLink?  How much money have you made with such dishonest billing practices?  I’m appalled.  I thought that maybe the dishonest sales rep from the start was a bad apple.  I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.  Clearly, I was wrong.  You are a company built upon defrauding your customers.

I am now back with Comcast, something I would not have thought possible a year ago. 

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