What the hell Amazon?…..Oops, False Alarm.

I got this email from Amazon the other day.  It sort of pissed me off.

We have initiated a refund in the amount of $35.00 to XXXXX for the following item:

We will adjust your seller account accordingly.

You can view your account at any time by logging in to your seller account and going to your seller account information page.

Thank you for selling on Amazon,
Amazon Services

This irritated me because I knew it was not a return.  The selling price for this particular item is 79.99.  So this was a partial refund deducted from my seller account with no explanation.

I contacted Amazon support the next day to see what this was about.  They said it has something to do with customer satisfaction and was a gesture of good will.  Well, gee, that’s nice and all but why you taking the good will from my wallet? Pay for it your self Amazon?

Turns out, they do pay for it themselves.  CSR said I would be reimbursed in a few days.  Still waiting for the reimbursement, but this situation is a perfect example of one of my biggest frustrations with Amazon, lack of good communication.

In this situation it would have been nice for amazon to maybe mention that this is not a product issue and I would be reimbursed within 3-5 days.  Instead I get hey we are taking money from you and not telling you why.  Lame.

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