35% American Express Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus To British Airways Avios


American Express is offering a 35% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to the British Airways Avios program now through June 7, 2013. This is a great deal because these transfer bonuses have been pretty rare. Personally, I like using Avios for short hauls and long hauls if I don’t want to use my AAdvantage miles. I value my Avios balance just as highly as my AAdvantage balance because as a top tier Executive Platinum member on American Airlines, I can use my elite benefits interchangeably with both programs. Earlier this year, I wrote a post on How To Book and Add Your AAdvantage # to a British Airways Avios Award Ticket.


Most recently, I helped find a friend a flight that departed on 4/23/2013 (today) from LAX-SAN and returning 4/25/2013 for a total of 9,000 Avios and $5 taxes. American Airlines wanted $761.80 for the exact same flight, which was absurd. This real life example gave my friend a value of 11.81 cents per Avios point!

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I personally transferred 64,000 of my own Membership Rewards points today and received 86,400 British Airways Avios points. Here’s how I did it.

Use the 35% American Express Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus to Avios promotional link.

Enter the amount of Membership Rewards (in multiple of 1,000) you would like to transfer.


Enter your 4 digit code from the front your American Express credit card and the 3 digit CID from the back of your credit card.


Verify if all of the information is correct. (There is no transfer fee)


Your transfer should be successful and even though it says to call British Airways to complete the transfer, it is not necessary because it is an immediate transfer. I logged onto my British Airways account to confirm and it indeed instantaneously appeared on my transaction history.



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  1. I’ve been debating how many miles to transfer, wasn’t sure I wanted to go big just in case they bring back the 50% bonus. Glad to see someone else went for it. 🙂

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