Top 10 Cliques of #FTUDC (Frequent Traveler University)


Frequent Traveler University was held this past weekend in the Washington DC area, more specifically in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.


Over the course of three days, I have noticed different types of cliques that were formed at #FTUDC. Here, I present the top 10 cliques of #FTUDC:

Number 10. The Couple – It’s great to spend time with a significant other at FTU.


Number 9. The guy on the laptop –  Taking notes religiously as if it were a lecture hall.


Number 8. The guy on the phone – He already knows everything.


Number 7. The Sponsors – They tend to only talk amongst themselves and other sponsors at nearby booths.


Number 6. The Girls – They always tend to stick together like sorority sisters.

sorority sorority2

Number 5. The Hallway – Where new business deals are made.

thehallway3 thehallway2

Number 4. The Bloggers – They tend to stick together with other bloggers in the infamous Hallway.

bloggers2 bloggers

Number 3. The Twitterers of #FTUDC – The official Twitter hashtag is #FTUDC which was used widely this weekend and the months leading up to the event. There was a Tweet Up held by Travel Summary on Saturday in the lobby bar area of the Hilton Tyson’s Corner. (Photo courtesy of @TopTravelista)


TJ took a picture of another #FTUDC Twitter Meet up held at Fire & Sage Restaurant on Saturday evening. (Photo courtesy of TJ from @MightyTravels)


The Bengali Miles Guru held a Desserts #FTUDC Tweet Up at nearby Tyson’s Corner on Saturday evening. (Photo courtesy of @TahsirAhsan)


Number 2. The French Bulldog – Brian’s (The Points Guy) puppy Miles was a huge surprise. Angelina from Just Another Points Traveler was in love with Miles. Miles even has an Instagram!


Number 1. Lucky’s following – Wherever Ben (One Mile at a Time) goes, his followers goes with him.

lucky lucky2


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21 Comments on "Top 10 Cliques of #FTUDC (Frequent Traveler University)"

  1. love it! so funny! Too bad I had to miss this one!

  2. This is just too funny. Best FTUDC post I’ve read! In particular hilarious to see the girls separated from the boys. It’s like a middle school disco night! Shame I couldn’t make it

  3. Haha this is great! My favorite is “the hallway” sooo true!

  4. This is funny. It’s almost like I was there.

  5. Too bad I missed it. Which clique did you fall into?

  6. I really should have paid attention to the announcements because this session was in my backyard and I could have easily attended. Arrrggghhhh, now I have to travel somewhere to go to a future one. Then again, yeah, I get to travel somewhere for a future one.

    Miles is a great name for a dog!

  7. Lufthansa Flyer | May 1, 2013 at 9:28 am | Reply

    Love the guy on the lap top…..a sub-30 year old with a beard is always impressive……where did parenting go so wrong…..

  8. Pathetic sense of humor! Hope you are a better traveler than a comedian!!! Retch!

  9. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing!

  11. The Lucky groupies are the best, try to join in and it is like you don’t exist.

  12. Wow that’s very different from the profile pic on his blog.

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