Cheap LAX Airport Parking For Less Than $4/Day Using Coupons


I always drive my car to LAX because I can’t depend on others for a ride and a pick up when I come back from a trip. I’ve been parking my car at 405 Airport Parking (formerly AirPark) for the past few years and have been completely satisfied.

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Their rates start at $5.95 for rooftop parking, $6.95 for AAA discount rate, and $7.95 with no discounts.


Recently, the company has been offering a “One Day Parking Coupon” with a Two Day Minimum Stay. You can’t combine the $5.95 rooftop rate and the $6.95 AAA discount rate with the coupon.

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Ask your shuttle driver for a coupon since they are lying in the cup holders in plain sight.


For a 2 Day Stay with the coupon, your daily rate will be $3.97+ tax. (LESS THAN $4 A DAY!)

For a 3 Day Stay with the coupon, your daily rate will be $5.30+ tax.

For a 4 Day Stay with the coupon, your daily rate will be $5.96+ tax but you won’t need to park at the rooftop.

For a 5 Day Stay or more, I would just park at the rooftop rate for $5.95 since you will save money in the long run.

The downside about cheap LAX airport parking is the frequency of the shuttles at 405 Airport Parking. Sometimes they only have 2 shuttles going at a time, meaning one will be picking customers up and one will be dropping customers off. Traffic at LAX can be a pain, especially during early mornings and at night since those are peak times.

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Be prepared to wait at a maximum of 30 minutes for your shuttle to arrive. I usually take the “La Quinta/Holiday Inn” Blue shuttle from the airport because it drops me off right across the street from 405 Parking.

The best part about 405 Airport Parking is that you don’t need to give your keys away. It’s all self-parking and you get to keep your keys. This is important because a lot of people on the internet have been complaining about missing items when valeting. Giving your keys away also means someone driving your car and you might perhaps see damages when you return from your trip.


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5 Comments on "Cheap LAX Airport Parking For Less Than $4/Day Using Coupons"

  1. The Mystery Traveler | June 21, 2013 at 10:39 pm | Reply

    Thanks for the great tip. Have a few upcoming trips and this will come in handy.

  2. They no longer have the one day free coupons, but I reserve from their website and get a discounted rate. If you sign up for their discount email list they will send you out discount specials. They have a promo code now until April 15th, “Tax10”.

  3. I’ve been using this parking lot since I first read your post on it in August. They’ve slowly raised prices, but even more annoying they’re almost always sold out. Because of this you need to reserve online which means no AAA discount. Rooftop is almost always “unavailable on your selected dates” which means paying nearly $10 a day for parking here.

    A solution I’ve used is to go to technically the same lot, but the sister building. They share shuttles, and even sometimes have you park in the 405 building. Reserving with ValuePark has the same prices, and has always allowed me to reserve rooftop for the preferred pricing. As an added bonus each time I’ve shown up with rooftop reservations they’ve put me on the ground floor! 🙂

    Oh, and promo codes for 405 also work for valuepark. Just reserved 7+ days with rooftop for $50 OTD using mday14 promo code.

    Thanks again for this great parking tip Jamison, it has saved me hundreds.

  4. Thanks for your tip @ 405 parking. Of course, the roof top parking rate was not available on my first day, the best I could get was $8.75 a day, which was still cheaper than any other place except for places 3-4 miles farther away. I prepaid to reserve a spot, I wonder if I can still use a coupon when I check out.

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