My Experience on the Shanghai Maglev Train


After landing in Shanghai Pudong airport, you have several options to get to your hotel. You can either take a taxi, bus, metro, or the intriguing Shanghai Maglev Train.  According to Wikipedia, the Shanghai Maglev Train is “the world’s fastest train in regular commercial service since its opening in 2004, faster than the TGV in France and also faster than the top speed of any Formula One and Motogp prototype.” The top speed of the Shanghai Maglev Train is 431 km/h which is 268 mph.

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It was my first time in Pudong airport and it was a little intimidating at first, but the clear signage makes it easy to navigate this large airport.

maglev1 maglev2

I made it to the Maglev Train ticketing booth and bought a round-trip ticket for 80 RMB which is ~ $13.05 USD. That makes it $6.53 USD for each one-way trip which is a complete bargain to try out the world’s fastest commercial train. Be aware that in order to buy a round-trip ticket, you must show proof of return boarding pass to the cashier, otherwise you will be stuck buying two one-way’s at 50RMB each. In addition, a round-trip is only good within 7 days of purchase.

maglev3 maglev4

The Maglev Train is very clean and spacious with comfortable seating. There are also luggage racks where you can place your heavy bags.

maglev5 maglev6 maglev7 maglev8

Here is a short video I made on my experience on the Shanghai Maglev Train:

As you can see in the video, the top speed was 430 km/h – 431 km/h ~ 268 mph.


The Maglev Train only makes one and final stop at the Longyang Road Station.

maglev10 maglev11 maglev12

From the Maglev Longyang Road Station, you can connect to the adjacent Longyang Road Metro Station and make your journey into the city-center of Shanghai or wherever your destination may take you.


I would highly recommend taking the Maglev train even if you’re planning on taking a taxi from Longyang station. Having tried out the world’s fastest commercial train was definitely one Shanghai experience that I will never forget.


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11 Comments on "My Experience on the Shanghai Maglev Train"

  1. nice! this is so high on my list!

  2. Very nice post. I rode the Shanghai Maglev in June and it was indeed a great experience. I remember passing the train going the other direction too as shown for a split second in your video at 1:17.

  3. The Video was awesome. Thanks for the Heads up on the train.

  4. Virgani Dhirgacahya | October 22, 2014 at 6:29 am | Reply

    Nice article ….

    Does it will be a good experience using a maglev from Pudong International Airport into Longyang Road ? With two or three big luggage ?


  5. I have a 6 hour layover in Pudong on my way back to the US. Do you know if it is possible to take the train and then get back into the airport?

  6. Hi is it far from the station you stop at to get a taxi to the Westin Bund Centre? Also what is the difference between regular and VIP ticket? Besides the price… thanks so much!

    • it’s a 15 minute subway ride on Line 2 from the Longyang Road metro station (Maglev station) to the East Nanjing Road station. Then it’s another 10 minute walk south to the Westin Bund Center hotel. The VIP section is just the front section of the Maglev… there’s no real point in buying VIP at all.

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