The Sights and Sounds of Cleveland Ohio


From the Sheraton Cleveland Airport hotel, I took the free shuttle to the airport where there were trains to get into the city. The hotel shuttle ride literally took less than a minute and this was my first time exploring Cleveland. In addition, it was my first time being in the state of Ohio and I was pretty excited.

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I had bought tickets to the Cleveland Indians game and hopped on the Red Line RTA train from the airport to the city center for $2.25 one-way.


I got off at Tower City – Public Square station which is housed underneath the Tower City Center shopping mall.


It was a 13 minute walk from Tower City to Progressive Field.



Right next to Progressive Field is the famous Quicken Loans Arena where the Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball.


Once I entered Progressive Field, I was greeted by a cheerful costumed hot dog.


The baseball game was interesting, but I left early because I wanted to explore more of downtown Cleveland before the sun set.


I walked out of Progressive Field towards the downtown landmarks and saw an amazing wall mural of downtown Cleveland.


The streets of downtown Cleveland were lined up with restaurants and bars, but seemed much deserted.

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Downtown Cleveland is also home to the Horseshoe Casino which is the only casino in town.


There was a Soldiers and Sailors monument located in Cleveland Public Square Park.

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Across the street from the Cleveland Public Square Park was the Old Stone Church which is of Gothic architecture.


I walked two blocks and reached The Mall which houses the Fountain of Eternal Life which is also called the War Memorial Fountain.

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I walked back to Public Square and headed into Tower City Center to catch the train back to the airport.

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My overall impressions with Cleveland left me empty-handed. It’s surely a historical city, but there isn’t a whole lot to do. By the time I left, the sun had gone down and the crazies were out lingering around Public Square and in front of Tower City Center. One homeless person wouldn’t take no for an answer when I declined to give her money. On the train ride back, it was pretty scary as a group of thuggish youths came on-board and kept staring at me. I was alone on the train and thankfully they left. That experience won’t hinder me from taking trains or coming back to Cleveland at all.


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  1. That was a quick fix…

  2. where are all the humans?

  3. I drove through Cleveland for an hour back in 2005. I had the same exact thoughts. Drove around just to find people. I’m sure it was much more lively during the Lebron era.

  4. (Facepalm) I live here and this is the place where hope/dreams come to die.

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