Is it OK to Stockpile Food and Drink from the Airport Lounge?


Picture this: You’re at an airport lounge and you see a fridge full of drinks.


You can consume as many drinks as you want inside the lounge, but what if you want to take a few of them for the road? Most recently, I have seen a lot of people shove down bottled beverages and snacks in their luggage without lounge staff around.

I must admit that I have taken a drink, but I open it in the lounge and drink it as I exit because I feel guilty “stealing”. That same FIJI water could well cost $5.00 a bottle in the airport.


This begs the question: Is it okay to stockpile food and drink into your bag for consumption outside the lounge? Have you been guilty of taking a lounge beverage or snack to go?


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6 Comments on "Is it OK to Stockpile Food and Drink from the Airport Lounge?"

  1. Heck yes, guilty guilty guilty. United has these shortbread cookies… Guilty lol

  2. Yea I’ve taken some wrapped cookies for later. I’m a sucker for milano cookies.

  3. My general rule of thumb is to take a drink or snack with you that you plan to use while still at the airport. Doing more than that is just greedy and/or lessens the chances that even drinks will be free in a lounge in the future.

  4. Guilty as charged……a pack or 2 of Milano cookies and a bottle of water always seem to sneak into my carry on.

  5. Definitely guilty of grabbing a drink to go.

  6. Take a snack for eating on the way to the plane, perhaps, but not more. That said, I have been known to take a coupe granola bars for the flight from the Presidents Clubs back in the day.

    Also, that’s not actually what “begs the question” means.

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