American Airlines JFK-LAX 767-200 First Class Review


Last week, I flew from JFK-LAX on American Airlines in First Class. Originally, I booked a coach ticket as part of my LAX-SJU mileage run and got upgraded T-100 to Business Class as an Executive Platinum. When I sat in my Business Class seat, my seatmate asked me a question “How can I make your day today?” My first reaction was to smile and she followed up with the question “How would you like to sit in First Class today?” I said, “Sure.” She proceeded to tell me how her daughter is in seat 3H and she would like to sit next to her.

I was ecstatic at this point and promptly switched places with her daughter.


The Purser (Tammy) in First Class was wearing a pageant style crown and sash with the words “Miss You 2013”.


When I chose my pre-departure beverage choice of champagne, I asked Tammy “What’s going on with the crown and sash?” She told me that she was retiring after 27 years with American Airlines and that it was her last flight. She told me that she was excited because she wanted to pursue her passion of engineering. Tammy informed me that she already got hired at a major engineering firm. In addition, she gets to keep her flight benefits as part of her retirement package.


I was flying on the last flight out of JFK and it was considered a red-eye for a 9:40pm departure with an arrival time of 12:30am in Los Angeles. The First Class menu was as follows:


After takeoff, I was served hot nuts with my favorite drink (cranberry and vodka with lime).


As an entrée, I chose the Spinach and White Bean Soup with smoked chicken. The soup was delicious and the chicken was tender.

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For dessert, I had the Vanilla bean ice cream with pralines.


I slept throughout most of my flight and missed the baked on board cookie and the sparkling water with a citrus fruit garnish.


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