I Survived Staying Overnight at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas


Earlier this week on Monday, I posted a deal about the Excalibur Las Vegas hotel offering rooms starting at $20 with a $20 drink and dining credit. Since I had already booked two nights at another hotel this week, I figured I could tack an additional night in Vegas with a stay at the Excalibur for practically nothing.

Now, I was hesitant about booking the Excalibur, but I was truly intrigued with this property once Hyatt partnered with mLife and you could actually gain a stay credit and night credit from this hotel. I was hesitant because I’ve stayed at the Excalibur 8 years ago and did not have a pleasant stay. It was dark, dingy, and was practically a motel on the Las Vegas Strip. The rooms were filthy and there were cobwebs in the lamps.

I ultimately decided to pull the trigger and book the hotel because I’ve blogged about the Excalibur offering amazing deals several times:

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Rooms At The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas Are Now $21 With A $20 Dining Credit!

$20 Rooms at the Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel with a $20 Dining Credit

I could not find any reviews about the Excalibur hotel from the travel blogging community and I’m sure many of them have taken advantage of the amazing deals. Perhaps publishing a review of the Excalibur hotel could tarnish their reputation or it’s simply too low class to them for a hotel review. However, I cannot blame them because I’ve received a ton of flack when I mentioned on Twitter that I booked the hotel and even more criticism when people found out that I was actually staying in the room overnight.

I got to the Excalibur hotel at around 10:30pm which was a three and a half hour drive from Los Angeles.


I queue up to check-in with three people in front of me. There was no way I was going to use the $20 trick in Vegas for a $20 room (are you crazy?). Instead, I was polite with the front desk agent. My original booked room was a Queen bed in a Standard room (Tower I). I did my research beforehand and knew that the Tower II rooms were much better and are renovated. I asked the front desk agent to add my Hyatt Gold Passport number which she complied. While she was adding my Hyatt number, I asked her if there were any better rooms available and if I could have a King size bed. The only thing she said was “Is the 22nd floor okay?” I said sure (without knowing what kind of room she gave me).  I later found out that I was indeed upgraded for free to Tower 2 and with a King sized bed.


When I went into the room, I was shell shocked. I couldn’t believe this was a room at the Excalibur hotel. This reminded me of a contemporary hotel. The room was unbelievably large with a small circular dining table and two chairs. There was also a modern alarm clock with a huge flat screen TV. Times have definitely changed from 8 years ago.

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The bathroom featured granite countertops with toiletries. The downside with the bathroom is no bathtub, only a standing shower.

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I was also amazed that I had some sort of view from my room. It wasn’t a Strip view, but I won’t argue for $20.

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The amazing deal came with a coupon book which featured a $20 drink and dining credit at selected outlets within Excalibur and Luxor. There was also a coupon in the book for complimentary access for two to LAX Nightclub at Luxor.

excaliburlv13 excaliburlv14

Drinks are really cheap at the Excalibur hotel. I went to the Sherwood bar where there was a draft beer and hot dog deal for $5.00. The Sherwood bar is a participating outlet for using the $20 drink and dining credit. Basically, I had two beers (Newcastle & Orchid Cider), two hot dogs, and a Cranberry Vodka for $20. I paid the taxes and left a tip and was only out $6.00 for all of the above. It was an absolute bargain!

excaliburlv15 excaliburlv16 excaliburlv17

There is a downside to the hotel which is the dreaded $15 resort fee. Now, it’s possible to get this waived if you complain about the slow in-room wired internet. Yes, the Excalibur does not offer in-room wireless internet in the 21st century.


All in all, I had a pleasant stay for $20 but would not stay here in the near future. There is no in-room wireless internet which is a huge downside in my book. I am not reaching for Hyatt status, so I have no point in booking these $20 stays (you might). When I come to Las Vegas, the hotel room does matter to me and I’m proud to say that I survived staying overnight at the Excalibur hotel.


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12 Comments on "I Survived Staying Overnight at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas"

  1. Gotta love the kitschy theme hotels on the Strip. Live the theme and you are king and queen for the day!

  2. I’m surprised by how nice the rooms are. Looks much better than NY-NY’s regular rooms since they seem so worn out compared to the Tower II rooms.

  3. If that’s an upgraded renovated room, WOW. It’s certainly worth $20 but fairly pathetic I think.

    Wired Internet is no problem for me. I use a Apple Airport Express to turn wired internet into wireless. It’s a very handy travel tool.

  4. Ok, call me crazy, but I always wish you WOULD do the $20 trick just to see the outcome. (Yeah, might have been exactly the same still.)

  5. I agree with travelblawg! Haha love seeing what the outcome might’ve been. This price point makes it really interesting for chasing Hyatt status for mattress runs if nights are needed though. It just sucks I’m so far away.

  6. The Deal Mommy | October 5, 2013 at 11:19 am | Reply

    If it helps, as an Mlife Platinum I got “upgraded” to that level. So my guess it that the $20 trick wouldn’t have done too much.

  7. there is in-room wireless now.

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