10 Things I Learned From My Recent Trip to Las Vegas


I recently spent three nights and four days in Las Vegas. I spent the first night at the Excalibur hotel and the rest of the nights at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas hotel. Here are 10 things I learned from my recent trip to Las Vegas:

  1. Resort fees are still being waived for slow Wi-Fi.
  2. You can get upgrades by being nice to the clerk without using the $20 trick.
  3. Never make the 4 hour drive to and from Vegas again. Next time, I’ll fly instead.
  4. The Excalibur Hotel isn’t bad at all for budget accommodations.
  5. The Encore/Wynn Hotels have the best customer service.
  6. There are still plenty of scammers and con artists out there in Vegas. Someone wanted to borrow my iPhone 5 to make a “quick” phone call.
  7. Visiting local places on Paradise Road and Maryland Parkway make me appreciate life in Los Angeles.
  8. Desert Inn Road is one of the fastest ways to get to the Interstate 15 and to Las Vegas Chinatown.
  9. Try to visit the Buffet towards the end of Lunch time so you can get the Lunch price. They won’t kick you out, but Dinner will be switched over and you will save yourself $10-$20.
  10. Gas is really cheap in Las Vegas. I paid $3.41 at a 7-11 gas station whereas the price for gas is upwards of $4.00 a gallon in Los Angeles.


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3 Comments on "10 Things I Learned From My Recent Trip to Las Vegas"

  1. any luck getting resort fee waived at the Excalibur?

  2. Supposedly M Resort has a really nice buffet.. unlike the buffets on the Strip, they kick everyone out after their lunch hours since they have a gap between lunch and dinner.

  3. Does that always work? Complaining about the internet to get rid of the resort fee?

    Going to be staying at Ballys in January. Making my reservations now to be on the safe side. $150 for three nights (after taxes etc)…is that a fair price?

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