First2Board’s Thanksgiving Giveaway – $400 Worth of Gift Cards!



First Prize: $250 Target Gift Card

Second Prize: $100 Marriott Gift Card

Third Prize: $50 Starbucks Gift Card.

The contest will run November 8 – November 15, 2013.

Entry link

Methods of entry:  Via Woobox entry link (above) or on a First2Board blogger’s post.

You can enter via multiple blogs on the same day.

Rules: Must be a US Citizen, 18 years of age and void where prohibited by law. Deadline to enter is Nov 15, 2013 11:59pm PT. Winner will be contacted via email or Twitter and has 10 business days to claim their prize.

For an extra entry, comment below on how will you be celebrating your Thanksgiving.

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33 Comments on "First2Board’s Thanksgiving Giveaway – $400 Worth of Gift Cards!"

  1. I’ll be in Rochester, NY eating a traditional feast with my family. I’m looking forward to some downtime inbetween two international trips!

  2. I’ll be visiting family in Wisconsin eating turkey and watching the Packers!

  3. Celebrating the long weekend with a trip in Tokyo!

  4. I’ll be in Kansas celebrating with my family.

  5. I’ll be in Columbus OH visiting my little sister in her new home. It’s hwer first hosted Thanksgiving.

  6. In Peru taking advantage of the $400 fares there.

  7. Home with my family.

  8. Counting my blessings!!!!!

  9. First Thanksgiving as a wife….i am so blessed.

  10. Home from college and enjoying my mother’s good cooking!

  11. Hanging out with family and friends.

  12. I’ll be in Ohio with my in-laws, adding lots of pepper to my turkey!

  13. In LA where it’s warmer than MD!

  14. I’ll be flying to Northern California to visit with my 96 year old Dad.

  15. Flying to TX to visit friends & family!

  16. In Vegas!

  17. A quick trip to London.

  18. I’ll be celebrating in Colorado with my dogs and my snowboard!

  19. Staying in San Diego and probably going out to dinner (first time) with my grandparents since everyone else is out of town!

  20. Will be visiting friends and family in Washington DC! Havent been since I was a kid

  21. Cherishing family in LA

  22. We’ll be with my cousin and her family. She just moved close to me in VA from southern FL – her adult kids will all be up to visit. This will be her first Thanksgiving at her new home.

  23. We’ll be with friends who have become family!

  24. Family dinner and early black Friday shopping!

  25. I’ll be chilling in Thailand 🙂

  26. Flying to Cincinnati to my parents and siblings new home.

  27. Cooking at home for my family.

  28. Staying home 🙁
    Used all my vacation on trip to Asia this summer.

  29. Will drive up to Sacramento to be with my family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I am truly grateful.

  30. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in London with my family!

  31. Celebrating twice. Once with in laws and once with the daughters boyfriend and his family.

  32. With family.

  33. Over the meadows and through the woods …. with family.

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