What Exactly Happens at a Los Angeles Frequent Flyer mini-DO?


What is a mini-DO? Basically it’s opposite of a Mega-DO and consists of a small group of people. This was a spur of a moment meet up done via Twitter. It was pretty much a bunch of people saying “hey, let’s meet up tomorrow in Los Angeles”. Sven from agoodlife.be was visiting from Belgium and celebrating his birthday by visiting the Staples Center. We decided to meet up after the Lakers game at 9:30pm at the Original Pantry restaurant. Tashir, the Bengali Miles Guru (Award Booking Service) who also writes on Hack My Trip was also up for the meet up since he was in town. In addition, Amol from Hack My Trip also came along since he was not busy.

We pretty much talked about frequent flyer secrets, particularly about Lifemiles and some crazy hotel rumors going around the blogosphere.

We spent two hours at the Original Pantry Café and we could’ve gone on and on since the restaurant is open 24/7. However, Tashir had to return his Cadillac Escalade back at Hertz which was located at LAX International Airport. It turns out that Sven needed to rent a car for four days and Tashir said that he would “hook him up”. At this time, it was 11:30pm and we all decided to cruise down to Hertz LAX in Tashir’s Escalade.

We arrived at LAX around 12am, just in time for Veteran’s Day. Who hangs out at  Hertz Rental Car Facility at 12am on a holiday?? Apparently we do. Here is a 4 part video on what went down at Hertz LAX:

For more info on how to get exotic car upgrades like Lamborghinis, Penske GT’s, Porsche, Aston Martins, etc, visit Tashir’s article about A Detailed Review of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards: Part 1.

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