Passenger Throws a Fit on Twitter About His In-Flight Experience with American Airlines


Earlier today, Justin Ross Lee who goes by the name of JRL, got downgraded from First Class to Business Class on an American Airlines flight from JFK-LAX. This is what we call “getting bumped” in exchange for some sort of compensation. He live tweeted the whole ordeal in what he calls a “tragedy”.


I’ve flown both flights on AA’s First Class JFK-LAX and Business Class JFK-LAX. I’ve even reviewed the differences between First Class and Business Class from JFK-LAX.

I’m not sure why JRL got downgraded from First Class to Business Class, but he was outraged flying in Business Class. Yes, this is #firstworldproblems since most people fly in coach and don’t have the luxury to fly in Business or even First Class.


Here’s a summary on how his in-flight experience was:

Boarding – First Class boarded first, then got their pre-departure beverages as they took their seat. He boarded the plane when Business Class was called and was outraged when “There were people on the plane with drinks in their hands before [he] boarded”. Clearly this is #firstworldproblems


Pre-departure beverage – He claimed that his “pre-departure beverage selection is water or orange juice that resembles the s— they drank on the moon. O.J gets better OJ in prison”. The pre-departure beverage selection is often the same as in F (water, OJ, mimosa, or champagne).


Pre-departure experience – JRL was upset that they started “de-icing the plane starting with first class, followed by business class, and then coach. This is such bulls—“. Why would anyone care about the order of de-icing?


Overhead bin – JRL complained about the overhead space on how “someone just tried to put an Old Navy bag on top of my LV in the overbin. This means war.” Translation: People that travel in Business Class are not of the First Class upper echelon of society.


In-flight experience:

Life behind the gray curtain – JRL says “there are curtains in front and behind [him]. This must be what middle child syndrome feels like”. This is definitely a #firstworldproblem.


He also “threw a bread roll at a gap in the first class curtain. Put me in business class and I mean business”. Throwing bread around the aircraft was definitely uncalled for and childish.


Beverage selection – He says “the Champagne they just served me is something called “Sparkling Wine.” It tastes like seltzer and battery acid. I agree with him and the on-board champagne is nothing to write home about.


Food – “The nuts I was just served are cold. And so are mine.. Can I get a thicker blanket?” The nuts are supposed to be warm, hence warm mixed nuts, but his was served cold. The nuts served on AA these days don’t come out piping hot as they used to. He must have been served last, thus his nuts were cold.


Main Entree – He had the “Beef Filet with Gorgonzola Mushroom Sauce in “Business Class”. Don’t they know I’m Hindu?” Little does he know the entree selections are the same in First Class.


Would you be as outraged as him if you were bumped from First Class to Business Class?


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9 Comments on "Passenger Throws a Fit on Twitter About His In-Flight Experience with American Airlines"

  1. Will Run For Miles | December 15, 2013 at 6:21 am | Reply

    Do you get the feeling he was trying to do a copy cat twitter escapade after the one a few weeks ago got so much attention?

  2. He paid for First so he had every right to feel aggrieved..if Business is just as good then why not get rid of First altogether. I’m with JRL here 100%.

  3. he is either full of BS or he is a whiny, entltlement-ridden little sh1t.

  4. What a little bitch, whining like a little girl he needs to man the fck up and deal with it maturely by letting AA know in a professional way or stop complaining like a little girl

  5. It’s clearly a joke post, and he’s having fun with it. Since First costs substantially more than Business, he should be entitled to money back as well as a little fun. I doubt any rolls were thrown in real life. And we all know whereof he speaks in re the sparkling wine, so you know?

  6. I think you’ve been had by taking him seriously. This is this guy’s shtick. See

  7. This person was so obviously being dramatic as comedic form. It went over your head (oblivious!) It’s those who don’t get that who end up looking a bit like flyover fools.

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