Aeromexico Flights Not Automatically Crediting on Delta Air Lines


Lately I’ve been flying a lot on Aeromexico mainly due to the cheap $316 fares from LAX to Santiago, Chile via Mexico City. I booked two of those deals and I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring what Mexico City and Santiago has to offer. Although the flights on Aeromexico have been pleasant, I haven’t been receiving any frequent flyer credit on Delta Air Lines.

On my first flight from LAX-GDL-MEX-SCL-MEX-LAX, I didn’t see any frequent flier credit appear on my Delta SkyMiles account until the week after. I found out that I earned 0 miles.


I had to “fax” in my boarding passes to Delta and they had finally credited all my segments with the bonus miles since I am a Gold Medallion.

I thought that was a glitch on my end, but fast forward to today and it looks like I received 0 miles again on my flight last week on LAX-MEX-SCL-MEX-LAX.


It’s kind of absurd to fax in my boarding passes again. Partner flights always give me a huge headache and each time I’ve had my frequent flier number printed on the boarding pass. I wish Delta Air Lines could seamlessly fix this issue with Aeromexico and provide automatic crediting of flights flown.

Have you had issues with partner flights not crediting?


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  1. Yup. I had a delta ticketed multi leg segment operated by AeroMexico. All of the delta coded flights credited correctly but it appears as one of the legs was purchased as AeroMexico Business and not delta and that leg has failed to process so far…. Do you plan on doing a post about AeroMexico’s complimentary upgrades for medallions? I love that they’ll upgrade even on inter-mexico flights.

  2. I’m having this same problem now w/AM not crediting DL and the 20K miles I earned is the difference between making Platinum or not! Who did you have to call, just the regular DL service line?

  3. I had this happen on a United/Continental codeshare flight. The Continental miles posted with no problem, but not the United miles. I had to email in my boarding pass and receipt and then I was credited.

  4. I live in Mexico and fly Aeromexico about once a month and always try to credit it to Delta SkyMiles, and it works about 15% of the time. Months will pass and the miles don’t post.

    To resolve this, I’ve had to contact Delta and scan in my boarding passes and provide ticket information to get my AM flights credited – it’s infuriating but Delta always responds within 1-2 days.

    Bottom line: If I want to get Delta miles credit, I consider it an extra administrative step that is a consequence of flying AM, because clearly something is broken in the partner crediting system. On the bright side, at least Delta has always credited me when I contacted them about missing miles due to AM crediting failing. Over and over again.

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