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Aeromexico Flights Not Automatically Crediting on Delta Air Lines


Lately I’ve been flying a lot on Aeromexico mainly due to the cheap $316 fares from LAX to Santiago, Chile via Mexico City. I booked two of those deals and I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring what Mexico City and Santiago has to offer. Although the flights on Aeromexico have been pleasant, I haven’t been receiving any frequent flyer credit on Delta Air Lines.

On my first flight from LAX-GDL-MEX-SCL-MEX-LAX, I didn’t see any frequent flier credit appear on my Delta SkyMiles account until the week after. I found out that I earned 0 miles.

I had to “fax” in my boarding passes to Delta and they had finally credited all my segments with the bonus miles since I am a Gold Medallion.

I thought that was a glitch on my end, but fast forward to today and it looks like I received 0 miles again on my flight last week on LAX-MEX-SCL-MEX-LAX.

It’s kind of absurd to fax in my boarding passes again. Partner flights always give me a huge headache and each time I’ve had my frequent flier number printed on the boarding pass. I wish Delta Air Lines could seamlessly fix this issue with Aeromexico and provide automatic crediting of flights flown.

Have you had issues with partner flights not crediting?


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