Behind the Scenes at LAX with American Airlines Onboard the A321T Part 1


I was invited by the American Airlines Social Media Team (@AmericanAir) for a tour behind the scenes onboard the A321T at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Six months ago, American Airlines invited me for a behind the scenes tour of Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Airport. This will be a 4 part trip report which will be divided as follows:

Part 1 – American Flagship Check In and Registration
Part 2 – Onboard the A321T – First Class, Business Class, Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin features
Part 3 – Inside the Cockpit and Galley with an On the Tarmac Experience
Part 4 – Final Thoughts and Comparisons between the Airbus A321T versus the Boeing 767-200

I’ve always wanted to go through the doors of the Flagship Check-In area at LAX, but I’ve never had access. Access is only granted to passengers flying in First Class on a three-cabin flight (LAX-JFK). In addition, customers who pay for 5 Star Services are also able to use it. There is usually an American Airlines agent with a clipboard in front of a podium to let you through the ropes (just like a nightclub). My boarding pass was being held inside the American Flagship Check-In area which has its own separate entryway next to the Premium check-in counters at Terminal 4 LAX.


There is another way to get into the Flagship Lounge and that’s through the Premium Check-In area to the left of the First Class Check-In counter. You will go through an automated sliding glass door and swing a left.

flagshipcheckin2 flagshipcheckin3

Upon entering the Flagship Lounge, you will be greeted with red colored sofas and poinsettias. There isn’t much seating, but there won’t be too many people occupying this space.

flagshipcheckin4 flagshipcheckin5

There are two automated check-in kiosks inside the LAX Flagship Check-In Lounge, one of which didn’t seem to be on or not working at the moment.


The American Flagship Check-In counter is small and only has room for two agents. I doubt it would get really busy in here at any given moment.


After sorting out through fifty boarding passes, the two agents finally found mine.

flagshipcheckin8 flagshipcheckin9

I met up with a fellow Los Angeles based blogger, John Carter who runs a Fitness and Travel blog and we were ushered upstairs through the front of the Pre-check line (just like if we had paid for American’s Five Star Service or flew in F on a 3 cabin plane).

flagshipcheckin10 flagshipcheckin11

The beautiful A321T was parked at Gate 40 and we had a glimpse of it through the windows after clearing security. We were anxious to check out the Airbus A321 Transcontinental plane.


We met the captain and the co-captain at Gate 40 who were one of the very few that has flown the A321T.

flagshipcheckin13 flagshipcheckin14 flagshipcheckin15

Soon enough, we were off to the jet bridge to board the A321T!

flagshipcheckin16 flagshipcheckin17 flagshipcheckin18

Here is a video of the journey:

Continue to Part 2 – Onboard the A321T – First Class, Business Class, Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin


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