More Aeromexico SkyTeam Partner Headaches When Crediting Mileage on Delta Air Lines

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Aeromexico Flights Not Automatically Crediting on Delta Air Lines. Well, the first time it happened to me, I received the correct miles after faxing in my boarding passes. The second time didn’t go so well.

After faxing in my boarding passes from LAX-MEX-SCL-MEX-LAX, I received an e-mail response within 24 hours from Skymiles Account Support stating:


Dear Jamison,

Thank you for contacting Delta Air Lines regarding mileage credit to your SkyMiles account. We are pleased you have requested to have your Aeromexico Airlines flights added to your SkyMiles account. We have reviewed your travel documents and unfortunately have found flights ineligible for mileage credit based on our contractual agreements. On reviewing your information, we found that the Aeromexico flights are ineligible for mileage credit. As a reminder for future trip planning, the booking classes listed below are excluded from earning mileage credit:

AM codeshare flights operated by another carrier with the exception of

Aeromexico, Aerolitoral, Aeromexico Connect, or any SkyTeam partner.

AM flights booked in I class of service

Additionally, to view the mileage credit restrictions that apply for partner airlines, visit the following link and scroll down to the airline of interest:


Any qualifying flights from your itinerary, not booked in the classes listed above, have been added to your account and will appear on your next statement. Please note, once we have received the appropriate documentation it may take some flights up to 5 days to post. If we can be of additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us using the number on the back of your SkyMiles card or via e-mail at

We appreciate your support of Delta and our SkyMiles partners worldwide.

We look forward to our next opportunity to serve you.


SkyMiles Account Support


So, it looks the Skymiles Account Support team did not credit my Aeromexico flights because of my “AM Flights booked in I class of service”. On my boarding passes, I class is the bucket Aeromexico uses to upgrade from coach to Business and First. From Delta’s Aeromexico mileage earning chart below, it seems like “I” class earns no miles.


I was still confused because I did not buy “I” class, I bought a cheap $316 coach ticket which was mileage earning. I should not be penalized miles for being upgraded to Business/First class. Every airline in the world credits the original paid ticketed fare class which in my case was Y.

I pulled up my Skymiles account and lo and behold, the Paid/Flown was I/Y when in fact it should be Paid: Y, Flown I.


I have faxed over additional information and we’ll see what happens. I have had to deal with faxing and e-mailing boarding passes throughout 2013 because partner flights just don’t credit correctly and sometimes not automatically at all. I have a ton of partner flights this year on Aeromexico, LAN Peru, LAN Colombia, LAN Argentina, and JAL. I really hope they credit correctly.

Have you had to deal with missing miles from 2013?


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9 Comments on "More Aeromexico SkyTeam Partner Headaches When Crediting Mileage on Delta Air Lines"

  1. Miles, Points, and Mai Tais | January 2, 2014 at 1:11 pm | Reply

    Yeah, I’m missing a ton of Lifemiles that I flew on UA 😉 jk

  2. So what happened? I am in the same boat- thought I actually bought a business class fate that was credited as “I”

    • I would fax the boarding pass to Delta and tell them that you bought a Business Class fare. It’s a known bug & I’ve always gotten credit after faxing in my Boarding Passes.

      • So it’s confirmed that they are honoring MQM’s for “I” fare bookings? I have a RT MEX – JFK “I” class booking next weekend and will be p*ssed if I get nothing for it. There is only so much pleasure to be gained from sitting in the flatbed 787 seats….

        • yes, it’s confirmed Brad.

          • So I’ve submitted these flights to Delta with my purchase invoices and boarding passes, and I am still getting denied credit. I called Platinum Medallion support and got the same answer, that I-class isn’t eligible for mileage accrual. How have you ultimately gotten credit for these?

          • Yes, I’ve gotten credit for them. Send them your original booking which is a different booking code and show them that you were upgraded to I, but mileage credit is ultimately for the original booking class.

          • I was not upgraded – I purchased “I” fare, discounted business class tickets. These often cost more than double what economy tickets cost, barely less than other business fares. You may have read my original question wrong, in which case I have now lost 25,000 MQMs…..

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