The Sights and Sounds of Monte Carlo Monaco

In the previous installment, I talked about the Sights and Sounds of Monaco. This article will primarily focus around the area around the Monte Carlo casino which is the most visited tourist area in Monaco. Monaco is easily one of the most expensive countries in the world and it’s dubbed as the billionaire’s playground.

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The Monte Carlo casino is most famously seen in the movie James Bond: Casino Royale. It’s also home to one of the most famous landmarks and tourist attractions in Monaco.

montecarlomonaco1 montecarlomonaco2

There has been a lot of conflict on the internet forums whether or not you have to dress up to the nines to get inside the Monte Carlo casino. Well, you don’t need to be formally or semi-formally dressed. You don’t even need to be in business casual clothing. I was dressed in a shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers and got into the casino during the night.

montecarlomonaco3 montecarlomonaco4

There are other smaller casinos in Monaco such as the one by the Café du Paris entrance and another one at the Sun Casino inside the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel.


A step away from the Monte Carlo casino is the grand Le Metropole shopping center. There are luxurious shops and fine dining restaurants located inside. The prices are exorbitant and I was shocked to see that taking a photo at the photo booth cost 10 euros ~  $13.65 USD.

montecarlomonaco6 montecarlomonaco7

If you ever need a condom, there are endless Durex vending machines all over Monaco which I found a bit odd.


There is a large performing theatre in Monaco called the Grimaldi Forum which is housed in glass windows.


Next to the Grimaldi Forum is the only Japanese Garden in Monaco.

montecarlomonaco13 montecarlomonaco14

One of the things that locals love is the beaches. Beautiful beaches are lined all over the coastal Mediterranean Sea in Monaco.

montecarlomonaco10 montecarlomonaco11 montecarlomonaco12

Earlier I said that Monaco is a billionaire’s playground. Well, there is an endless amount of high end luxury sports car dealers in Monaco such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, and Ferrari.

montecarlomonaco15 montecarlomonaco16 montecarlomonaco17 montecarlomonaco18

These high end sports cars are a dime a dozen in Monaco. I saw them everywhere and in a typical parking lot in Monaco, it could’ve been mistaken for a car show.


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  1. Enjoy your site! I am traveling to Nice in March and want to take a day trip to Monaco. Can you provide details into the bus you took from Nice to Monaco so I can plan on doing that when I get there in March?

    • Thanks for reading John. The bus from NCE to Monaco is the express since it makes no stops in Nice. In the arrivals halls, walk all the way to the left and go outside. You will see a lot of buses but don’t fret. Go up to the ticket counter and say that you’re going to Monaco. It should not be more than $20 USD, so about 15 euros. The bus ticket agent will tell you which “departure bus #” to stand on. It’s relatively quite simple.

    • I just read that you’ll be in Nice already. I can provide a later post on how to get from the city of Nice to Monaco and Monaco to Nice via the bus system. It’s actually cheaper than from NCE airport!

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