Obeying Local Driving Laws When Traveling

I must have gotten the most ridiculous ticket when driving in LA yesterday. Long story short, I got caught with my phone in my right hand. I was not texting, making a call, or even looking at my phone. In fact, my phone was in standby mode with the screen blank. The officer did indeed tell me that it’s illegal to hold my phone in my right hand while driving.


While thinking about my ticket, I was reminiscing about driving in different places all over the world. I’ve been fined for passing tolls (not having exact change on unmanned tolls) in Washington DC and Illinois. I’ve driven in Israel and Mexico and luckily haven’t gotten a ticket, but I’m sure I broke some driving rules. I try my best to read up on local laws when driving in a new state or country. One crazy law in Mexico is that all parties are assumed guilty when in a car accident. Mexican law doesn’t even require drivers to be insured, but you should always have Mexican insurance when driving in Mexico.

What are some of the most ridiculous driving laws you have ever encountered?


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  1. i think u should fight it 🙂

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