Top 10 International Travel Essentials for 2014

Last year, I wrote about the Top 5 Travel Essentials. I listed, a Hartmann hardside luggage, 13″ MacBook Air, Louis Vuitton wallet, Condom, and a Portable Battery Charger. It was meant to be both comical and serious at the same time. Here are the Top 10 International Travel Essentials:

1) 2013 Macbook Air – I’ve written about why the 2013 MacBook Air is the best laptop for Travelers.

2) iPhone 5S – I believe the iPhone is single handedly the best smartphone in the world. Enough said.

3) Portable Battery Charger – This was on last year’s Top 5 Travel Essentials and made it onto this list. This pocket sized travel accessory has saved my iPhone from dying numerous times.

4) Wheeled Backpack – This was a lifesaver for me on short mileage runs. It’s lightweight and I could convert it to a wheeled luggage whenever I want. I do feel like a hostel backpacker everytime I put it on though!

5) Foreign cash – As a miles & points blogger, of course I avoid using cash whenever I can but in foreign countries, it will be difficult to be cashless. Always carry foreign bills and loose coins.

6) American Express Platinum Card – There’s just something about this card that just works like magic. People seem to be in awe of this card.

7) Priority Pass Card – Never leave home without it. The Priority Pass select membership is free for American Express Platinum Card holders. Basically if you’re travelling to any airport, this card could be your savior for lounge access.

8) Power adapters – Never leave home without one if you’re traveling to a foreign country. Electricity adapters will save your life. You don’t want to be the one begging the hotel front desk for an adapter.

9) Printed Documents – Whenever I travel to a foreign country, I always print out my flight itinerary on paper. In addition, I would print out hotel confirmations and car rental confirmations. Sometimes you won’t be able to access your phone or readily have access to your printer. Some hotels, in particular hostels and inns require printed out confirmations on third party reservations.

10) Nail Clipper – How many times have you wanted to clip your nails and found out that you didn’t bring one?


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  1. The iPhone… how much does that bad boy cost to use it internationally?

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