My Thoughts on the Missing Malaysia Airlines #MH370 Plane

It has now been two weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing. It’s driving me crazy. How can an entire airplane go missing and seemingly vanish from the face of the earth? Every night before I go to bed, I read up on the latest news about the missing #MH370 plane and tweet interesting developments. I do the same thing when I wake up every morning just in case there are any new developments I may have missed while asleep. I must have read about 100 theories and some of them are crazy.

Some crazy theories thus far:

Iran is behind this – The two Iranian men who boarded the plane on fake passports were behind it. The two plane tickets were bought from a travel agent in cash (who buys tickets in cash nowadays?). The Iranian passengers somehow took control of the plane and landed it in an undisclosed location in Iran. Assuming all the passengers are dead, Iran is planning to re-paint the jet with a recognizable US airline and crash it into a building. This theory is taken from //

The Black Hole theory – The missing Malaysia Airlines flight was sucked by a black hole and went into another dimension. This theory is taken from //

UFO’s and Aliens – An unidentified object (UFO) somehow took Malaysia Airlines flight 370 into the alien world. This is why we can’t find a trace of it. Video theory from //

Stuck on an Island (aka LOST) – Somehow the pilots were able to land the plane in a small remote island and everyone is still alive. The passengers are trying to create civilization on this island and somehow can’t get in contact with the world. This theory is from //

More plausible theories:

Onboard Fire – The fire started in the cargo area because of the dangerous lithium batteries. Somehow one of the batteries exploded and caused a fire. The plane crashed into the sea and is fully intact at the bottom of the ocean floor. Source – //

Failed hijacking – Something happened on the plane whether it was the pilot, co-pilot, crew, and/or passengers. The plane ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea where it’s fully intact at the bottom of the ocean floor.


My heart goes out to the families and those onboard of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. It’s a tragic event and I hope the plane is found soon.

You have read my thoughts on the missing Malaysia Airlines #MH370 plane. What do you think happened to missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370?


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1 Comment on "My Thoughts on the Missing Malaysia Airlines #MH370 Plane"

  1. Does anyone believe that after 911, a US made plane cannot be flown as a drone?

    That if hijacked, perhaps for the planned Petronas tower demolition, a good US guy must stop this happening and yet must say nothing.

    Sacrifice the plane for 10,000 people on the ground is a balanced decision. But who could admit? For truth or for confidence for all to be flying, no such truth can come. Best send the 777 drone to deep water and lay some myths.

    After 911, for sure I would make all US planes an optional drone, but who could I say this has happened in the last 13 years?……….. No One.

    Fly by wire is just a satellite and a programme away from……… fly out to mitigate one more travesty.

    The whole event from March 8th. is like a snowstorm of blinding awkwardness and illusion.

    How this happened is my conjecture but I see and say something very plausible.

    I say because it has not been said


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