Top 10 Countries I Want to Visit Next Year Using Miles and Points

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Countries I want to visit next year using miles and points. In some cases, I would want to buy a revenue ticket so I could earn miles and re-qualify for elite status on American Airlines. Nonetheless, here are some of the places I really want to visit.

1. Saudi Arabia – I would love to visit Jeddah or Riyadh as a tourist, but it’s going to be tough as a tourist. Ideally I would want to visit Mecca as well, but I’m not a Muslim, so that’s out of the question. This would likely be a summer trip using miles since deals are tough to come by on American Airlines/oneworld partners.

2. Venezuela – I’m really interested in making a trip to Venezuela before a revolution occurs. Right now things are tense in Venezuela, but I am quite curious in what Caracas is all about. I would probably spend about three nights in Caracas. The hardest part about visiting Venezuela right now is that tickets are ridiculously expensive and milesAAver inventory is non-existent. It’s 15k off-peak one-way using AA miles, but that’s impossible to find right now. Award availability is only available two weeks and sometimes one week before departure and it’s likely 60k one-way miles in economy.

2. Ecuador – Over the past five years,  I haven’t seen a single deal to Ecuador. Thankfully, I can book an award ticket using 15k American Airlines miles one-way during off-peak months. I’m particularly interested in Quito and Guayaquil.

3. Pakistan – There’s just something about being in the war zone country. I haven’t heard many trip reports come out of Pakistan and I’m curious to find out. I would most likely use miles to go to Pakistan.

4. Bolivia – This country interests me because it’s relatively unknown. I haven’t seen any good deals to Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the form of revenue tickets, so I’ll probably use miles. It’s 20k off-peak AA miles one-way in coach to VVI which is an absolute bargain.

5. India – I’m interested in going to Mumbai (Bombay) or Delhi if I go to India. I’m waiting for the amazing $1,000 American Airlines/British Airways fare to come back so I can book it.

6. China – I would love to make a trip back to China. I already have trips booked to Hong Kong and Macau next month and I went to Shanghai last year. I’m interested in visiting Beijing. There are always cheap deals on American Airlines to China for under $700 during the fall so it doesn’t make sense using miles.

7. South Korea – Initially I booked a trip to South Korea for travel last month, but had to cancel last minute. I’m interested in visiting Seoul and immersing myself in the Korean culture. I would wait for another great fare on American Airlines via Dallas to South Korea, so I wouldn’t waste miles on going to Seoul.

8. Morocco – I’m highly intrigued about Marrakesh, Morocco. There’s so much culture and I am in love with some of the hotel properties in Marrakesh. There was a great deal to Marrakesh from San Francisco last year, so I’m hoping there would be another amazing deal on a oneworld carrier. Ideally, I would like LAX-LHR-MAD-RAK on AA/BA.

9. Egypt – I’m interested in visiting Cairo because I want to visit the pyramids. I want to try out all the Egyptian food as well. There have been so many good deals to Egypt on Skyteam carriers and I haven’t found a single deal to Egypt on a oneworld carrier. I’ll probably end up using miles.

10. Nicaragua – I’m particularly interested in visiting Managua which is the capital of Nicaragua. I’ve passed up many deals to Nicaragua and I feel like there will be a deal on American Airlines in the near future, so I won’t have to use miles.

Honestly, these are all the places I want to visit next year and the near future. Realistically, I probably won’t even cross off half of this list next year but I love planning. The most realistic places I’ll probably end up going is Beijing in China, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and India. I really have absolutely no interest in visiting Western Europe, which is why I’ve been avoiding it.

What’s on your Top 10 list?


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  1. Don’t stay in a hotel in Marrakech! You will get a better feel and location if you stay in a riad. Not to mention, it is a great opportunity to meet locals while still having your privacy. There are aome beautiful places there!

  2. Pakistan is a beautiful country…i am sure you will like it

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