Why Mistake Fares and Hotel Deals Have Gone Underground

Recently, there has been a whole slew of mistake airfare and hotel deals. For example, last week there was a $130 mini one-way RTW (round the world) trip which took you from New York to Milan and then Prague to Narita. A day later, there was missing YQ (fuel surcharge) on US Airways fares from North America to Eastern Europe for as low as $367 round-trip.

Yesterday, there were a lot of Starwood hotels for the month of November 2015 that were priced out at $10. A spectacular room at the W Hollywood was going for $20 a night. A standard room at the Westin Pasadena was going for $10 a night. The best hotel was the St. Regis Washington DC where room rates were as low as $10 and the next category rooms were $20 and $30.

Speaking of recent mistake deals, there was a boomerang trick that recently died. It has something to do with “The SECRET LifeMiles Trick That No One Wants To Blog About.” It no longer works now and there has been a huge outcry in the frequent flyer community because some people are stuck with useless LifeMiles.

So, why have mistake fares and hotel deals gone underground?

If deals get publicized on blogs, they will be dead right away. The mini RTW trip wasn’t actually a mistake fare – it was actually an open jaw fuel dump which worked in all of 2013. It got publicized on Flyertalk’s Mileage Run Forum and was killed within 24 hours. These open jaw fuel dumps and working 1x and 3x’s are secretly coded in the infamous Flyertalk’s Trick it thread.  I wrote about How to Find a Working Fuel Dump and How to Find a Working 3X for Fuel Dumping.

There have been recent code-share problems with US Airways and American Airlines since the merger and that has created a lot of opportunities for the missing fuel surcharges. The Flight Deal tipped me off on the deal and they wanted the public to get in on the deal, so they publicized it (they didn’t have to). Soon after, many people copied The Flight Deal and some people claimed finding the deal themselves!

How do you get in on these mistake fares and hotel deals?

In the past I’ve written about, “Is there a Secret Society for Sharing Deals?” Deals have gone completely underground now. I’ve also written Why The Best Travel Deals Always Break Out via Twitter, but that may no longer be the case.


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  1. Silver Springer | May 27, 2014 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    Feel free to share any American Airlines mistake fares with us (or some of us). We are going from PHL-BUD in August thanks to The Flight Deal

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