American Airlines MilesAAver Award Availbility is Back for Travel to Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the top Latin American countries I want to visit in the near future. Recently, I went to Honduras which is so called the most dangerous country in the world (outside of a war-zone). Finding award availability at the sAAver level using American Airlines miles to Caracas was almost next to impossible because of the strict currency controls. Airlines have been bailing out of Caracas due to massive inflation of the Bolivares and the black market sale of US dollars in Venezuela.

For the longest time, you could only book 50k Economy AAnytime awards which sum up to 100k miles roundtrip or pay upwards of $2,500 USD round-trip for a revenue flight.  That’s pretty ridiculous and I’ve been checking almost every day for flight redemptions to Caracas until I struck gold. I’m not sure if this is some sort of mistake, but there is actual milesAAver availability for almost the entire month of June, July, and August. It gets a little spotty in September and November, but I’m sure those will open up as the date gets closer.


The best thing about using American Airlines miles is the generous discounted milesAAver off-peak calendar. Instead of the usual 17.5k one-way milesAAver award, it’s discounted to 15k one-way! The off-peak dates to Venezuela are September 7 – November 14 and January 16 – June 14 which is pretty much half the calendar year.



It’s a tremendous value to use 30,000 American Airlines miles round-trip for a flight from the US to Venezuela when revenue flights are still hovering above $2,500!


Act now and book speculative flights if you want to take advantage of this great offer. I’m treating this like a mistake fare because the economic situation has not changed at all in Venezuela. American Airlines Executive Platinum elites can cancel for free and re-deposit award miles at no charge.


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  1. Jamison. I was in CCS a year ago.. I got the same 17.5 each way fares.. Chavez had died a couple months before and only issue was finding toilet paper.. I know it’s gotten worse.. I was changing $1.00 – $30.00 Bolivar.. Really similar to Brasil or Colombia.. The only issue was the airport pirate taxis., I would suggest getting a service into the city.. Once in the people are great, when they found out I was American most feel they are portrayed badly and say ” what USA says about are country in not true”.. Some great things like the Bolivar Museum in centro..

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