How to Add Your AAdvantage # to a British Airways Avios Award Ticket on US Airways

Last year I wrote How To Book and Add Your AAdvantage # to a British Airways Avios Award Ticket which was relevant on flights operated on American Airlines. Since US Airways officially joined oneworld two months ago, it is now possible to book BA Avios award tickets on flights operated on US Airways.

As I found out recently, there is absolutely no way to add your American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier number while booking an Avios award flight redemption operated on US Airways. Your British Airways frequent flier number will be hard coded no matter if you “erase” the number even using my previous tutorial.

You should also be aware that calling US Airways will not help at all because they cannot change it over the phone. They will ask you “Why? You can’t earn miles for it anyway.” If you really want a better seat, I suggest you respond with,” I just want a better seat selection because I’m an American Airlines Executive Platinum oneworld elite member.” They will happily give you any seat in your ticketed cabin even if US Airways shows required payment on their website. Again, they will NOT change your frequent flier number because it’s hardcoded.

However, you can change your frequent flier number when it’s time to check-in, 24 hours before departure. Here’s a complete tutorial on How to Add Your AAdvantage # to a British Airways Avios Award Ticket on US Airways.

1. Find out your US Airways record locator confirmation number using your BA booking reference number – You can do this by going on and plugging in your British Airways booking reference number and Last Name. Click on “view details+” to expand and see your US Airways confirmation #.

checkin9 checkin10

2. Use your US Airways confirmation number to Check-In for your flight online 24 hours before departure on and select the “Check-In” tab.


3. On the bottom right portion of the screen, click on the frequent flier number.


4. Use the drop down box and select American Airlines (or whatever airline you have oneworld status with) and enter your corresponding frequent flier number and click Save.

checkin4 checkin5


5. If you have a Known Traveler Number, you can enter it as well since it will give you TSA Pre-Check automatically on your boarding pass (highly recommended).


6. After clicking continue, the next screen will bring up the seat selection. If you’re an elite member, you’ll have access to the preferred seats. In addition, you can buy up to First Class for a nominal fee (in my case, $83).


7. After seat selection, you will have the option to print your boarding pass and send it to your mobile device by e-mail. If you’ve followed all the right steps, your boarding pass should look something like this:


Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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  1. Have you tried editing it on I’ve found that works fine to change AA reservations to the AA FFQ when booked with Avios. I haven’t had a US air avios booking to need to try that to date.

  2. Dude I am slow, what are the advantages of doing this?

  3. I booked tkt using avios on US airways and I was able to add my wife’s AAdvantage number on Finnair. I did that today although first checking-in with her DM number. So I am positive, this can be done via finnair route.

  4. You can just use the Royal Jordanian website to change the number to an AAdvantage number. Just worked on my Avios reservation, 3 weeks ahead of the flight.

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