How to Find FREE Parking at LAX International Airport

Last year I wrote about Cheap LAX Airport Parking For Less Than $4/Day Using Coupons. A few months later, 405 Airport Parking decided to discontinue honoring the coupons which was a shame because I had a huge stash of them. In addition, they’ve also raised their prices! Last fall, I was turned away several times due to capacity and they were only accepting online prepaid reservations.

I was sick and tired of being turned away, so I decided to drive around the surrounding area to find cheaper alternative parking. Lo and behold, I found the holy grail of free LAX airport parking and it was on a public street. I couldn’t believe my eyes when this very same public road was right across the street from 405 Airport Parking!

Here’s a diagram of the area on how to find free parking at LAX International Airport:


Note that there are street cleaning signs. One street has a sign that says “Street Cleaning on Wednesdays from 12pm-2pm and another street says Thursdays from 12pm-2pm”. You must read the signs.

Here are some ways on how to get to LAX International Airport:

1) You can take the free shuttle from 405 Airport Parking or from the Holiday Inn.

2) Take an UberX to the airport for $6.70. Right now, you can get $30 off your first Uber ride if you sign up using my link.


3) Take a Lyft to the airport for the same price as an UberX. Right now, you can get $25 off your first Lyft ride if you sign up using my link.

How to get back to your free LAX airport parking spot:

1) Go to the Red Sign under “Hotels” in the arrivals hall and wait for a blue shuttle that says “Holiday Inn / La Quinta”. You can also take the 405 Airport Parking shuttle as well.

Also note that this is not ideal if you have a week-long stay that includes Wednesdays and Thursdays because of the street cleaning. I’ve seen people get parking tickets and your car may be towed as well. If you must leave your car at the airport for more than a week, I would highly suggest using Uber or Lyft which is no more than $30 from Downtown LA. I usually measure a mile a dollar and factor in an additional five dollars. Right now, you can get $30 off your first Uber ride if you sign up using my link. In addition, you can get $25 off your first Lyft ride if you sign up using my link.


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14 Comments on "How to Find FREE Parking at LAX International Airport"

  1. Nice! I don’t even live in LA but appreciate finds like this. Well done!

  2. Can’t have a trip that includes both a Wednesday and a Thursday though!

  3. Nice job jamison. I cant believe they wouldnt honor your coupons anymore! Well check out tonight.

  4. My wife parked on La Cienega and 98th but was a little concerned about leaving her car (nothing new!). She reported some suspicious characters/potential lowlifes/ a woman pushing a stroller with no baby/a streetwalker. There were a lot of nice cars around and the consensus was it was okay to park there. I tried to go by there but didnt really have time. I can speak to the 2-hour cellphone waiting area by Lot C where there few cars and what appeared like no security hassling people. Are u sure La Cienega is good for a week, let alone one night? Thanks

    • La Cienega is pretty safe and there’s nothing to worry about. Sure there’s low income housing nearby, but they’re harmless. There’s even people who park there regularly in RV’s (they live there!). I know people who park luxury cars such as Audis and Lexus using this trick. All you need to do is read the street sweeping sign to avoid getting your car towed! If you time it correctly, you can almost park for a week from Thurs after street cleaning to Thurs morning before street cleaning!

  5. Can u by anychance post the full adress i cnt find it in google maps

  6. LA has a law that says abandoned cars can be towed after 72 hours. Don’t be stupid to think that if you park in a residential area by LAX your car won’t be towed within the 73rd hour. It will cost you a minimum of $220 plus a cab ride to get your car. Just ask the last two people who parked on my street.

  7. Thanks so much for this! just want to confirm that this is still the case…and that they won’t tow are 72 hours as the comment above mentions. thanks!

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