Etihad Airways First Class Suite Makes it Easy to Join the Mile High Club

Two weeks ago, I flew First Class on Etihad Airways from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi (LAX-AUH) during my 2 week trip to the Middle East. It was supposed to be my very first international First Class flight after writing Why Flying International First Class Doesn’t Make Sense. Lucky wrote a rebuttal, titled, “Why flying international first class does make sense.” When I went on my trip to Taipei in May for my friend’s wedding, last minute F space opened up on Cathay Pacific and JAL and I took my very first international First Class flight and I loved it. Lucky was right, international first class was amazing!

So back to the Mile High Club part of this blog post. The Etihad Airways Boeing 77L First Class configuration is 1-2-1 with direct aisle access for everyone. I chose seat 1K which was a window seat and had almost complete privacy since it was an enclosed suite with sliding doors.


I was absolutely blown away by the seat and it was super roomy. After the disappointing meal service (not the crew or onboard chef’s fault), I couldn’t wait to have my seat turn into a bed complete with a mattress pad and comforter.


As I snuggled into my seat, I realized “OMG, this bed is super huge.” It felt like a Twin XL bed that I had in my college dorm room. Everyone knows it’s possible to have two people sleep on a Twin bed. I thought to myself, “I could potentially invite someone from the coach cabin to snuggle with me”.

Of course, I knew no one in the coach cabin, but it was just in my head since I’m pretty imaginative. After meal service, there was not a single First Class flight attendant in sight. They left the poor onboard chef all alone in the galley. I chatted it up with the chef and he said that he would get me anything that I needed. I asked him, “Where are all the flight attendants?” and he said, “They all went to sleep.”

In my head, I was like OMG, two people could totally cuddle together in the enclosed suite and join the mile high club without a flight attendant noticing.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved every minute of the Etihad Airways enclosed First Class Suite, but the food was absolutely horrific. I couldn’t sleep through the majority of the flight and I was just chilling with the onboard chef in the galley.


I talked to pretty much every First Class flight attendant (after they woke up to serve the pre-arrival meal) and they had an awesome personality. They were friendly and told me their impressions of the UAE and gave me a list of things to do. I told the cabin manager I was instagramming my meals and told her how disgusting the Arabic Mezze looked like (did someone drop a #2 in the middle of the plate?).


I told her that my friend Lucky from One Mile at a Time flew the inaugural flight from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles and his Arabic Mezze looked totally different. (Pic from Ben’s Instagram – // )


We both were laughing at the night & day pictures of the Arabic mezze and she agreed that the catering out of Los Angeles was horrible.

In the end, I loved the Etihad Airways enclosed suite and the cabin crew onboard my flight. They all had distinct multi-cultural personalities and loved every aspect of their job. The onboard Wi-Fi was amazing and fast which made it enjoyable to live tweet and Instagram with friends.


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  1. price of onboard wifi?

  2. $20 for ~14hrs of airborne internet.. pretty good deal i guess. did it work well the entire time it was available?
    much more expensive of TG & LH

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