Miami International Airport American Airlines Premium Lounge

The American Airlines Premium Lounge is my favorite lounge at Miami International Airport, for now. It’s confirmed that there will be an American Express Centurion Lounge in the works in Concourse D for American Airlines flyers. For now, the Oneworld Premium Lounge is the best lounge at Miami Airport because of its extensive food buffet. I visited this same lounge last year and the food offerings seem to get better and better.

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The Premium Lounge is not only for American Airlines flyers, but also British Airways, Iberia, and airberlin which is essentially a oneworld lounge. The lounge is located in Concourse E where you’ll need to take an elevator up to the second floor.


I was able to access the Oneworld Premium Lounge due to my top tier Executive Platinum status on American Airlines and I was flying on an international itinerary.


My flight had a late evening departure and I was surprised that there was hardly a soul in the lounge.

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The Premium Oneworld Lounge also has a business center equipped with computers.


The extensive buffet spread consisted of pasta, mini sandwiches, chips, savory snacks, various cold deli meats, various cubed cheeses, vegetable tray with dip, crackers, and olives.

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There was also a yogurt station, various fruit and berries, and bread.

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In addition, there was a salad bar with lots of toppings to choose from, premade chicken salad, tuna salad, hummus, and also soup (Cream of Spinach and Tomtato Florentine).

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Dessert consisted of pastries, cupcakes, cookies, and pound bread.


With the huge selection of food, there was equally a large selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to choose from.

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I had the cream of spinach soup along with the pasta and salad which was all delicious.

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I highly recommend the Premium Oneworld Lounge at Miami Airport because of its large square footage in size and the extensive buffet spread. It can be quite a trek to venture out to Concourse E from Concourse D, but it’s well worth it if you have a lot of time before your flight.


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  1. One of my favorite premium US lounges!!!

  2. My wife and i will be traveling American Airlines to Paraguay in April 2016. Not being much of a traveler, could you tell me is there a cost to use theThe American Airlines Premium Lounge at Miami International Airport at Concourse E? You mentioned that there will also be another …American Express Centurion Lounge that is in the works in Concourse D for American Airlines flyers? Your other articles you have written on Your trip to Asuncion Paraguay have been very informative. Thanks, David Hansen

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