American Airlines ASU-MIA 757-200 Business Class

After hanging out at the Itau Sala VIP Lounge at Asuncion International Airport, I headed to the departure gate for my flight to Miami. My stay in Paraguay was short and sweet, but next time I will explore new areas of the country. The evening flight time from Asuncion to Miami (ASU-MIA) was 8 hours.

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The Boeing 757-200 (752) is in a 2-2 international configuration with angled flat seats. (The flight attendant told me to not take any pictures of the cabin, but it was too late.)


My seat had a packaged pillow and blanket and the in-flight entertainment was right in front of me.

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The flight attendant offered me a glass of champagne as a pre-departure beverage.


The flight attendant also handed out the Business Class menu and it reads as follows:

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Smoked Salmon Carpaccio – With wasabi


Mixed greens with garnishes – With your choice of creamy garlic dressing or premium extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Assorted gourmet breads will be served with your meal


Chateaubriand – Served in green peppercorn sauce, with oven-roasted new potatoes, turned zucchini and sautéed carrots

Grilled Herb Chicken – Complemented by shiitake mushroom sauce, rice and noisette vegetables

Portuguese Codfish – With onions, potatoes, olive tapenade and white rice

Agnolotti Pasta – Stuffed with artichokes and Brie, complemented by saffron basil sauce and wild mushroom reduction

Dine Upon Request – You may choose one of the featured entrees to be served with an appetizer and desert, presented all at once, at any time you wish.


Traditional Ice Cream Sunade – Vanilla ice cream with your choice of hot fudge, caramel or seasonal berry toppings, whipped cream and pecans

Gourmet Cheese Plate – An assortment of fine cheeses with garnishes

Light Meal – Offered prior to arrival


Churrasco Skewers – Seared beef and chicken skewers with campanha sauce

Cold Plate Sampler – A selection of cold cuts and fine cheeses


Artisanal Chocolate Treats – Served with fresh fruit

Here is the wine and beverage list:

asumiaaa8 asumiaaa9 asumiaaa10

After the flight reached cruising altitude, the flight attendant passed out a hot wet towel.


I had a coke with lime to wash down my hot mixed nuts. I usually get a coke if I don’t feel like drinking since my usual drink is cranberry and vodka with lime.


The flight attendant served the starter first which was the smoked salmon carpaccio with wasabi, mixed greens salad, and bread.


Fish is rarely served onboard American Airlines, so I decided to have the Portuguese Codfish with onions, rice, potatoes, and olive tapenade.


The fish was delicious but there were barely any helpings of potatoes. The olive tapenade also didn’t match the dish and it throws off your palette. It was a weird combination overall.

For dessert, I always get the made to order ice cream sundae with all the toppings which was delicious.


After dessert, I headed straight to bed where I was awoken by the flight attendant one and a half hours prior to arrival.

As a pre-arrival light meal, I had the churrasco skewers with campanha sauce which was more like salsa. It was served with fresh fruit and chocolates.


It was a bit unusual to have something other than an omelet as a pre-arrival meal, but the churrasco skewers were delicious and hit the spot on this long flight.

The flight attendants were attentive on this flight with quick meal service and that’s all I can ask for on a red-eye flight. This was one of the longest flights I’ve ever taken from South America to the United States. Only American Airlines flies direct nonstop from Asuncion, Paraguay to the United States (Miami) and uses internationally configured Boeing 757-200 (752) narrow body planes.


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