The New American Airlines First Class Continental Breakfast Box

I flew this early morning (12:55am) on a red-eye from Los Angeles to Philadelphia (LAX-PHL) on US Airways as part of my mileage run vacation to London, Warsaw, and Krakow. I was lucky and got upgraded to First Class as an American Airlines Executive Platinum member since there was F space available.

The red-eye flight was nothing to write home about as everyone on the plane basically slept as soon as the flight reached cruising altitude. The flight from LA to Philly was 4 and a half hours and 30 minutes prior to landing, the captain informed us over the PA that we would be landing soon.

5 minutes later, the First Class flight attendant purser handed out a Continental Breakfast Box that was labeled American Airlines. I was shocked that there was even a meal on this flight because it was solely beverages. I’ve flown many red-eyes before on American and I’ve never seen this continental breakfast box before.


The New American Airlines First Class Continental Breakfast Box contained a refreshing hand and face towelette with Italian blood orange scent (just like a hot wet towel, but cold).


There was also a nut and oatmeal mix, croissant, maple almond butter, strawberry preserves, fruit and yogurt smoothie, and a peppermint candy for dessert.


The flight attendant also handed out an anniversary mint as an arrival gift.


This was a really sad looking breakfast box containing nothing but junk. The smoothie was frozen and the croissant was rock hard. Nothing seemed appealing to me and I observed many First Class passengers leaving their breakfast box behind untouched.

Hopefully we won’t see these continental breakfast boxes replace full hot meals on morning flights. Would you eat this?


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6 Comments on "The New American Airlines First Class Continental Breakfast Box"

  1. I got one of these the other morning and it was vile. Completely inedible pastry – basically a hockey puck and the a bunch of crap (sugar, sugar and more sugar).

    I hope it doesn’t become the norm.

  2. I’m sorry – I missed the thread on this…why is it called an anniversary mint?

  3. AAdvantage Geeek | November 3, 2014 at 5:02 pm | Reply

    How depressing…

  4. Yuck, AA must learn it from Chinese carriers. They do it a lot on their domestic flights and sometimes even international flights …

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