Every Travel Blogger’s Worst Nightmare

Travel blogging is not an easy task and every travel blogger’s worst nightmare is encountering the dreaded lounge dragon. What is a lounge dragon you might ask? It’s not the mythical creature who breathes fire, but a physical ordinary person who works at a hotel lounge or airport lounge who goes by the book and enforces ‘made up’ rules of no picture taking.


It’s almost two years since I’ve been travel blogging and it’s really tough taking pictures of every aspect of the hotel lounge evening appetizers and breakfast. In addition, taking pictures inside an airline lounge with the entire food offering are also tough because they might think you’re a spy from another airline. A hotel club lounge dragon pretty much doesn’t want you to take pictures of anything because you might share this information with competitors and hurt their brand. An airport lounge agent is the worst offender because they can report you to the authorities for taking pictures of people and falsely accuse you of spying, etc.

There are other variations of lounge dragons such as the flight attendant telling you “No pictures please”. One reason a flight attendant might tell you to put away your camera is because they fear you might be taking pictures of an airplane for terrorist activities.

Lounge dragons are something I dread every time I travel, but there are some ways of overcoming a lounge dragon.

Have you ever encountered a mean lounge dragon?

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