How to Get From the Great Wall of China at Badaling to Beijing

Previously, I’ve written How to Get From Beijing to Badaling Great Wall of China. I recently spent 36 hours in Beijing and wrote 10 Things I Learned From My Recent Trip to Beijing. There’s a lot of confusing and outdated information on the internet regarding on how to take the public bus from the Badaling Great Wall of China to Beijing city center. Of course, the easy way to get to Beijing city center is by taxi but that will easily set you back a few hundred Chinese yuan as it’s very far from the Badaling Great Wall of China.

I wanted to take the S2 train from the Badaling Railway Station, but the timetable did not match my schedule. The first train, S216 leaves at 1:40pm and arrives at Beijing North Railway Station at 3:00pm. I was already done with hiking up and down the Great Wall of China at Badaling by 10:00am and I didn’t want to wait for the 1:40pm train, so I took the bus back to the city. Here’s a step by step guide on How to Get From the Great Wall of China at Badaling to Beijing.

Step 1. When you finally reach the bottom of the Great Wall of China at Badaling, follow signs for Bus 877 which goes from Badaling Changcheng to Deshengmen. Note that the first bus leaves at 10:30pm on weekdays and the last bus is at 5:00pm. On weekends, the first bus leaves at 11:00am and the last bus leaves at 4:30pm.


Step 2. You will reach the 877 bus stop where you will find green buses parked in front.

badalingbus2 badalingbus3 badalingbus4

Step 3. Hop onto Bus 877 which is labeled 877 from the outside.


Step 4. Note that the bus does not leave until it gets full. Trust me, it will get full quick! Once every one is on board, two representatives from the bus will come onboard to sell you a one-way ticket to Deshengmen for 12RMB ~ $1.93 USD.

badalingbus6 badalingbus7

Step 5. The entire journey will take one hour without traffi and the bus will stop at its final destination at the Deshengmen Bus Station in front of the Deshengmen Watch Tower.


Step 6. Here’s a visual map on how to get from the Deshengmen Bus Station to Jishuitan subway station.


Step 7. Cross the bridge and walk alongside the sidewalk parallel to the 2nd ring road.

badalingbus9 badalingbus10

Step 8. After a 10 minute walk, you will reach the Jishuitan metro station (Line 2) where you can transfer to your final destination.


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  1. Hi, thanks for good info. I and husband will go to Beijing on this November 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Do they accept IC card on 877 bus?
    Do some ppl need to stand if seats are full?

  3. instructions available also for June 2016. Nothing has changed. If you want to get to the great wall, then get the same bus from the Deshengmen Bus Station.

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