Short First Anniversary Cruise: Back in Miami and to the airport

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Running on a Cruise Ship
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Nassau Cruise Port and Atlantis Resort
Back in Miami and to the airport

So we went to the last dinner of the cruise the night before. We were talking with our table mates on their day and exchanging stories. The dinner was good, but the server was very insisting of us trying all the dishes so we did. I believe we tried all the entrees and desserts. He kept telling us that it was our last day so why not?

This was what I loved about the cruise. When you’re there and its included, they go overboard and do a great job. No penny pinching on paying extra for cheese on a burger or anything like that. We did buy the soda package, which was a bit annoying. Why not just free soda? We did get a souvenir cup, which was a decent touch. Also, the soft serve machine was only open during some hours so it wasn’t open around the clock.

The service we got from the housekeeping staff to the concierge and the gym were fantastic. Sometimes it may be a bit expensive but the service was great. I think the service needs to be as you’re packed into a ship for three days. But the staff really made the most out of the space you get.

We got back to our room after dinner and there were instructions about our bags. They recommended that we pack now and tag all of our bags and leave them outside the room. They would be picked up overnight and loaded into large pallets and then unloaded onto conveyor belts like the airport. I believe for families and elderly people, this is a good choice, but we didn’t have many bags. We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes for our bags to come out. In hindsight, we should have just carried our bags off of the ship.

Luckily I had booked a later flight so we didn’t need to rush to the airport. Some people had booked 11:30am flights and many of us didn’t get out of the baggage area until 10:30 and the airport is at least 20 minutes away. There were shuttles to take back to the airport but many of them were pre-paid or ran by one of the rental car services. We took the one for the rental car services.

It was definitely one of the shortest “vacations” we took but we definitely enjoyed getting some sun and trying out cruise vacations. We agreed to do it again, but when I asked my wife recently, so about two years after this trip, she wasn’t as enthusiastic after all of the recent cruise ship incidents. I heard from a few people who cruise a lot and they recommended two cruises, the one to Alaska (make sure to get an balcony view) and the one through the Panama Canal. Hopefully when we have much more free time we would try the Panama Canal, but I am still trying to go to Alaska for a few days.

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