SoCal Road Trip 2012: San Diego Model Railroad Museum

SoCal Road Trip 2012: San Diego Model Railroad Museum

This was definitely one of my favorite places to visit in San Diego. As an engineer, I love trains, especially high speed trains. I also love model trains and owned some when I was a kid. I never got the electric train sets to work properly, however.

The admission was about ten dollars with a student discount. It is in the museum row of San Diego and parking was available, even though it may be hard to find an open space. The museum is ran by volunteers and much of the exhibits were donated. I think the tracks may have been purchased as they are permanent installations at the museum. Many of the trains are provided by the volunteers.

IMG_0496 IMG_0497

There were many exhibits. There were about 10 separate areas with different types of terrain and trains. The main scale here is N scale but also HO scale trains as well.

IMG_0505 IMG_0514

Below you can see a train indicator to help the conductor drive the trains.

IMG_0518 IMG_0519

Below is the loops to get trains into different levels in the display. There are also hundreds of feet of racks to get trains into different areas.

IMG_0532 IMG_0534

There is a hand held controller that controls the train. The controller speaks to only certain trains so one remote can control multiple trains. It also allows for a second conductor to control their trains, so multiple remotes can be used on one circuit. I thought that was pretty cool. Also below is a scale model of a real bridge in the US. Many of the exhibits are scaled versions of real structures.

IMG_0540 IMG_0544

There were a good mix of passenger trains and freight train. Many of the exhibits show off freight trains as they usually have many cars attached to them, making them more interesting to look at. However, these trains requires more weight and bigger motors in order to tow the long line of cars.


There was also a Lego Train exhibit, ran by the Lego Train Club, which I didn’t even know existed. There were many handbuilt bridges and the entire cityscape looks amazing.

IMG_0552 IMG_0553 IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0557 IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0561 IMG_0563 IMG_0564

Over the years, there were different types of Lego trains sold. I’ve seen the white high speed train set and the red set when I was growing up. I do not believe they make these sets anymore.

IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0574 IMG_0644

Below were displays of other train sets.

IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0598 IMG_0602 IMG_0609 IMG_0611

It was an awesome museum. I had a lot of fun seeing the different trains and tracks. They are still expanding much of the displays. It is pretty awesome that everyone who runs the trains are volunteers and they provided many of the train sets for everyone to enjoy. I did see a lot of kids amazed with the amount of trains on display.

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