Mileage Run Marathons: Fall-Winter 2013

Mileage Run Marathons: Fall-Winter 2013

Back in September 2012, I was trying to get Platinum AA status after attaining Gold. I was also in the middle of running two marathons in two weeks to register for Marathon Maniacs. I was also planning on running a marathon in all 50 states so I decided to see which mileage runs i can do to get status and run a marathon, hence the theme of my blog, Here is a quick intro to that. This posts focuses on finding the mileage runs. My post will devote towards the other half of the equation. Just finding a marathon with the correct dates isn’t enough. I almost couldn’t run Hartford Marathon as i realized last minute that I had to pick up my packet the day before the race. Luckily, they also had an unadvertised option to pick up your packet the day of the race for a $20 fee.

Preparations for a Mileage Run Marathon

Some mileage runs are a few months in the future so you can pick an appropriate marathon and train for it. However, some can be just a few weeks or a month in the future, so there is very little time to train for it. You will need to be in good condition during a certain time period you are looking for these MR marathons. There are a ton of marathons in the spring and fall because of the weather so you can focus your search for during those months and start your training in preparation for a marathon in that time period. However, MRs can happen at any time so you can’t necessarily guarantee when they are. It pays to be prepared so you can book one at a moments notice. With less preparation and time to train, make sure to re-calibrate your expectations for your finishing time as it may be much lower than you expect. As you will be gone for a day or two, you won’t need to pack a lot, just enough during your run, a change of clothes and some food for the morning of the race. I wouldn’t recommend checking anything in as it may get lost and it’s just not worth the risk.

Marathons for a Mileage Run Marathon

I am writing this post for those who can’t just take a day off so its focused on potentially flying late Friday or anytime Saturday and be back home by Monday morning. If you can take a day off, you have a lot more flexibility as flights early Friday can be booked for a decent price. Generally, you want to look for Sunday marathons if packet pickup is required the day before, or Saturday if packet pickup is available for the day of the race. Most of the larger marathons, like Dallas, Hartford, etc, will require you to pick it up the day before as the logistics of setting up the packet pickup the day off is just too difficult. Luckily, most of the time they are on Sundays. I have compiled a list of such marathons below. For smaller marathons, it is easier to organize. Even if they say no day of packet pickup, it doesn’t hurt to email the race coordinator. Mention that you are flying from across the country and would really like to run, despite the tough packet pickup schedule. They may make exceptions. Ask before booking anything. Also, be careful in when packet pickup is and when it ends. Usually the cheapest weekend flights are Saturday night and Sunday morning, which would make running impossible. It is pretty tough to find a MR with the exact time you want. To fly and run a marathon on the weekend, timing is pretty important. Most of the time, you have a few choices for flights but usually only 1 or 2 would be the cheapest option. You will need to make a judgement call if the CPM is too high. As noted by RwM, the CPM could be a bit higher as you are running a marathon.

Flights for a MR Marathon

Based on the most restrictive packet pick-up policies of pickup being the day before, you would fly in on Saturday afternoon, pick up your number and run and fly home on Sunday. Generally, there are more mileage runs in the fall as there is less travel overall. The best dates I believe to fly is the two weeks after Thanksgiving, but you will need to be flexible as the best dates are on weekdays. There are also a good number of deals all September and October. Early November is possible but there is some residual price inflation from the Thanksgiving holiday. In terms of flights, there are two options, fly out Friday night in order to make it to your destination by late Friday or redeye to land Saturday morning. Living on the East coast makes it difficult as there are less late flights to take after work but I can make West Coast Saturday marathons work if i can catch a slightly earlier Friday flight. In the quick search among Saturday marathons, most of them start at 7:30am so unless its a short redeye flight, you probably land too late to run an early Saturday morning marathon without getting there Friday night.

Total Costs

As this is a mileage run, you want to minimize your cost in all areas. In most cases with these marathons, you will need to rent a car. If you need to spend the night, consider just sleeping in your car, couchsurfing, or a cheap AirBnB. Also consider the cost of the marathons as some are very expensive ($100+). Usually, the smaller marathons are cheaper but not as well organized.

List of Races

The list focuses on larger marathons and does not list smaller, local marathons, or marathons that are just running a bunch of laps around a building or field. After a bad experience with a very small local marathon, I will never do one again (<10 for the marathon field). Most of these races are certified, which means Boston Qualifier, but not all are so be careful if that is your intention. All of these races should qualify for Marathon Maniacs or 50 States Club. There will be some races that are highlighted in red. These are packet pickups on a Friday afternoon or early evening, which would be difficult without taking a day off or living somewhere nearby. The list also shows when the packet pickups are so you can use this list to find a marathon when you find a good MR. Flights may be much more difficult to get for those Saturday marathons. Under Race Packet, if there is a time listed, that means that race day packet pickup is not available and that is the when packet pickup the day before closes. Also is a list of airports that is close to the race and time/distance between the marathon and the airport. I listed the biggest or cheapest airport that I think you could make a MR out of. There are a few marathons that may have other cheaper airports so if you have a date, check all of the nearby marathons on the list. It may also be better to fly to a further airport and drive a longer way to the marathon, considering there is enough time to do so. In some major cities, I have elected to choose a bigger airport that is nearby (100-200 miles away).

September 2013

Date Marathon Location Race Packet Airport Distance Sold Out
9-7-13 Superior Falls Trail Two Harbors, MN Yes MSP 186mi
9-7-13 Mt Nebo Payson, UT 8pm SLC 60mi  
9-7-13 Lake Chelan Shore to Shore Lake Chelan, WA Yes SEA 190mi
9-7-13 Woodstock Pinckney, MI Yes DTW 60mi
9-7-13 Salmon Salmon, ID Yes BZN 230mi
9-8-13 Bozeman Bozeman, MT 8pm BZN    
9-8-13 Hall of Fame City Canton, OH Yes CLE 60mi
9-8-13 LVHN Via Allentown, PA 5pm PHL 65mi
9-8-13 Sioux Falls Sioux Falls, SD Yes MSP 233mi
9-8-13 Skagit Flats Burlington, WA Yes SEA 65mi
9-8-13 Ventura Beach Ventura, CA Yes, $20 LAX 70mi
9-14-13 Abebe Bikila Day International DC, DC Yes IAD
9-14-13 Big Cottonwood Salt Lake City, UT 8PM SLC
9-14-13 Hagg Lake Hybrid Hagg Lake, OR Yes PDX 1hr
9-14-13 Hawk Marathon Lawrence, KS Yes MCI 1hr
9-14-13 North Face Wisconsin Eagle, WI Yes MKE 20min
9-14-13 Wabash Trace Nature Trail Shenandoah, IA Yes MCI 2.5hr
9-15-13 Erie Marathon Erie, PA Yes PIT 2hrs
9-15-13 Montana Marathon Billings MT Yes BIL
9-15-13 The Tunnel Lite North Bend, WA Yes SEA 30min
9-21-13 Air Force Dayton, OH 8pm CVG 55mi Yes
9-21-13 Bismarck Bismarck, ND Yes BIS
9-21-13 Columbia River Power Umatilla, OR TBA PDX 178mi
9-21-13 Flagstaff Flagstaff, AZ Yes PHX 150mi
9-21-13 Equinox Fairbanks, AK Yes FAI
9-21-13 Top of Utah Logan, UT Yes SLC 80mi
9-22-13 Adirondack Schroon Lake, NY Yes ALB 1.5hrs
9-22-13 Boulder Boulder, CO TBA DEN 30mi
9-22-13 Fox Cities Appleton, WI 6pm MKE 1.7hrs
9-22-13 Fox Valley St Charles, IL 6pm ORD
9-22-13 Jackson Hole Jackson, WY ? JAC
9-22-13 Maui Maui, HI 9pm OGG
9-22-13 Omaha Omaha, NE Yes OMA
9-22-13 Rochester Marathhon Rochester, NY Yes ROC
9-28-13 Akron Akron, OH 9pm CLE 40mi
9-28-13 Asheville Citzen Times Asheville, NC 9pm CLT 120mi
9-28-13 Cal-Neva Marathon South Lake Tahoe, CA Yes RNO 47mi
9-28-13 Darlington Marathon Darlington, SC Yes CLT 2hr
9-28-13 Mill Race Columbus, IN Yes IND 45mi
9-28-13 Monument Gering, NE 9pm DEN 200mi
9-28-13 North Face Georgia Pine Mountain, GA Yes ATL 80min
9-28-13 OktoberFest Marathon Spring Lake, MI Yes GRR 53mi
9-29-13 Bellingham Bay Bellingham, WA Yes SEA 90min
9-29-13 Clarence DeMar Keene, NH Yes BOS 2hr
9-29-13 Half Moon Bay Half Moon Bay, CA Yes SFO 30min
9-29-13 Pan Handle Marathon Lubbock, TX Yes LBB
9-29-13 Kenai Marathon Kenai, AK 8pm ANC 3hr
9-29-13 Yonkers Marathon Yonkers, NY Yes JFK 1.5hr
9-29-13 Lake Tahoe Marathon South Lake Tahoe, CA Yes RNO 47mi

October 2013

Date Marathon Location Race Packet Airport Distance Sold Out
10-5-13 NH Marathon Bristol, NH Yes BOS 2hr
10-5-13 St George Marathon St George, UT Yes LAS 2hr Yes
10-6-13 Maine Marathon Portland, ME Yes BOS 90min
10-6-13 Milwaukee Lakefront Milwaukee, WI 6pm MKE Yes
10-6-13 Mo Cowbell St. Charles, MO 4pm STL 11mi
10-6-13 Portland Marathon Portland, OR 7pm PDX
10-6-13 Rockfest Marathon Hampton, NH Yes BOS 1hr Yes
10-6-13 Twin Cities St Paul, MN 8pm MSP
10-6-13 Wineglass Marathon Corning, NY Yes ROC 2hrs
10-12-13 Baltimore Baltimore, MD 9pm BWI    
10-12-13 Freedom’s Run Shepherdstown, WV Yes DCA 90mins
10-12-13 Hartford Hartford, CT 9pm BDL    
10-12-13 Prairie State Libertyville, IL Yes ORD 45mins
10-12-13 Whistle Stop Ashland, WI 9pm MSP 220mi  
10-13-13 Atlantic City Atlantic City, NJ 6pm PHL 63mi
10-13-13 Chicago Chicago, IL 6pm ORD Yes
10-13-13 Green Mountain South Hero, VT Yes BTV
10-13-13 Long Beach Long Beach, CA Yes $25 LAX
10-13-13 Mohawk Hudson River Albany, NY 6pm ALB
10-13-13 Prairie Fire Wichita, KS 5pm ICT
10-13-13 Steamtown Scranton, PA Yes PHL 120mi Yes
10-13-13 United Healthcare Newport, RI Yes PVD 27mi
10-19-13 Monster Mash Dover, DE Yes PHL 72mi
10-19-13 Des Plaines River Trail Lake County, IL Yes ORD 1hr
10-19-13 Indianapolis Marathon Indianapolis, IN Yes IND
10-19-13 Kansas City Kansas City, KS 8pm MCI    
10-20-13 Seven Bridges Chattanooga, TN 7pm ATL 120mi
10-20-13 Columbus Columbus, OH 7pm CMH
10-20-13 Des Moines Des Moines, IA 8pm DSM
10-20-13 Detroit Detroit, MI 7pm DTW
10-20-13 Empire State Syracuse, NY Email SYR
10-26-13 Greensboro Greensboro, NC 9pm CLT 92mi   
10-26-13 Provo Halloween Orem, UT ? SLC 48mi  
10-26-13 Sphinx Greenville, SC Yes CLT 101mi
10-27-13 Atlanta Atlanta, GA 6pm ATL
10-27-13 Cape Cod Falmouth, MA Yes BOS 75mi
10-27-13 Columbia Gorge Hood River, OR Yes PDX 55mi
10-27-13 Haunted Hustle Middleton, WI Yes MKE 92mi
10-27-13 Marine Corps DC, DC 7PM IAD Yes
10-27-13 RnR St. Louis St Louis, MO 5PM STL
10-27-13 Tri Cities Richland, WA Yes SEA 202mi


Date Marathon Location Race Packet Airport Distance Sold Out
11-02-13 Midsouth Championship Wynne, AR Yes MEM 60min
11-02-13 Moab Trail Prichett Canyon, UT Yes SLC 230mi
11-02-13 Silver Falls Silverton, OR Yes PDX 43mi Yes
11-03-13 Bass Pro Conservation Springfield, MO 7pm MCI 170mi
11-03-13 bg26.2 Bowling Green, KY Yes BNA 65mi
11-03-13 New York NY, NY 5pm JFK Yes
11-03-13 Manchester Manchester, NH 5pm BOS 55mi
11-03-13 Rails to Trails Norwalk, WI Yes MSN 110mi
11-03-13 Raleigh City of Oaks Raleigh, NC 6pm RDU
11-03-13 Santa Clarita Santa Clarita, CA 5pm LAX 40mi
11-03-13 Two Cities Fresno, CA 4pm SFO 200mi
11-09-13 Chickamauga Battlefield Fort Oglethorpe, GA Yes ATL 110mi
11-09-13 Nashville Nashville, TN   BNA    
11-09-13 Pilgrim Pacer Run Shawnee, KS Yes MCI 33mi
11-09-13 Rock N Roll Savannah Savannah, GA 7pm SAV    
11-09-13 Santa Barbara Int’l Veterans Santa Barbara, CA 8pm LAX 100mi  
11-09-13 Soldier Marathon Columbus, GA Yes ATL 107mi
11-10-13 Fort Worth Marathon Fort Worth, TX Yes DFW
11-10-13 Ft Myers Beach Marathon Fort Myers Beach, FL Yes MIA 150mi
11-10-13 Harrisburg Harrisburg, PA Yes PHL 115mi
11-10-13 Madison Madison, WI 5pm MKE 78mi
11-10-13 Malibu Malibu, CA Yes LAX 30mi
11-10-13 Marshal University Huntington, WV ‎ Yes CVG 153mi
11-10-13 Naperville Naperville, IL 6pm ORD 26mi
11-10-13 Freedom Marathon Norfolk, VA 5pm IAD 195mi
11-10-13 Outer Banks Marathon Manteo NC 6pm RDU 200mi
11-10-13 Pensacola Pensacola, FL Yes MSY 203mi
11-16-13 Charlotte Thunder Road Charlotte, NC 9pm CLT    
11-16-13 Richmond Richmond, VA 9pm IAD 122mi   
11-17-13 Myles Standish Plymouth, MA Yes BOS 40mi
11-17-13 Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA 7pm PHL
11-17-13 Potomac River Run Carderock, MD Yes IAD
11-17-13 RnR Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 7pm LAS
11-17-13 RnR San Antonio San Antonio, TX 5pm SAT
11-23-13 White River Cotter, AR Yes LIT 141mi
11-24-13 The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Nashville, TN Yes BNA 15mi
11-24-13 Route 66 Tulsa, OK 6pm OKC 108mi
11-30-13 NCR Trail Sparks, MD Yes BWI 34mi
12-01-13 Seattle Marathon Seattle, WA 8pm SEA
12-01-13 Space Coast Cocoa, FL 5pm MCO 47mi


Date Marathon Location Race Packet Airport Distance Sold Out
12-07-13 Rehoboth Beach Rehoboth Beach, DE Yes PHL 110mi
12-07-13 St Jude Memphis Memphis, TN 9pm MEM    
12-07-13 Tecumseh Trail Bloomington, IN Yes IND 48mi
12-07-13 Tri States Mesquite, NV Yes LAS 86mi
12-08-13 California International Sacramento, CA 5pm SFO 120mi
12-08-13 Dallas Dallas, TX 6pm DFW
12-08-13 Honolulu Honolulu, HI 5pm HNL
12-08-13 Palm Beach Palm Beach, FL 6pm MIA 70mi
12-08-13 Tuscon Tuscon, AZ 5pm PHX 115mi
12-14-13 Calico Hoover Dam Boulder City, NV Yes LAS 33mi
12-14-13 Kiawah Island Kiawah Island, SC Yes CHS 30mi
12-14-13 Rocket City Huntsville, AL 9pm BNA 115mi  
12-14-13 Roxbury Roxbury, CT Yes BDL 40mi
12-26-13 Operation Jack Playa del Rey, CA Yes LAX
12-28-13 Run for the Ranch Springfield, MO Yes MCI 190mi
12-28-13 3 Bridges Little Rock, AR Yes LIT Yes
12-29-13 Jacksonville Bank Jacksonville, FL Yes MCO 190mi
12-31-13 New Years Double Allex, TX Yes DFW
1-1-14 New Years Double Allex, TX Yes DFW
1-1-14 Texas Marathon Kingwood, TX Yes IAH 30mi  Yes

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