Fall 2013: Season of Mileage Runs

I always love fall. I love the smell of the air when the dew point hits 50F or below. Running also becomes easier as it get cooler.

It’s also the time where airfares tend to be lower and more MR opportunities. After this weekend, I will only spend one weekend at home between now and Nov 1st. Here is my current booked flights/plans:

Sept 14: MR to ANC
Sept 21: MR to SFO, weekend trip (BDL-LAX, double RDM)
Sept 28: MR to LAX, weekend tripĀ (BDL-LAX, double RDM)
Oct 12: Chicago marathon and Chicago Seminars (I’m so excited for both, but will be missing last day of the seminars)
Oct 19: MR to PDX and driving up to SEA to see friends (another miles/pts junkie)
Oct 26: Award trip to Dublin Marathon to cross off Europe off the list. Still need to book hotels in Dublin.

Thanksgiving: 4 day MR on Finnair to Helsinki and Madrid. Spending about a day in each city.
After the flight back from Helsinki, I would be AA EXP!

I will still be work for the majority of the time. I’ll take a day off for Chicago Seminars and another day to fly back from PDX. I’ll take a few days to spend in Dublin but for the most part, I’m at work. I don’t plan on quitting my day job anytime soon.

I am also thinking about running a couple of marathons in November. I am now looking towards running Philadelphia Marathon as I have some friends there I want to see. I am playing around with the idea of running 16 marathons in 16 different states/countries over the next 365 days starting in October. So far I have plans to run 5 so adding another 11 wouldn’t be too difficult. I just need to space them out. I would want to add Toronto and/or Vancouver Marathons on that list.

What is your fall/winter plans? Anyone else using this time to qualify for status?

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