Getting 50k Bonus for Chase Ink Visa After Chase Ink Mastercard

Getting 50k Bonus for Chase Ink Visa After Chase Ink Mastercard

[Update: I received the 50k bonus. See the details in this post: Confirmed 50k Chase Ink Visa Ultimate Reward Bonus.]

So there were three posts that saw that the Chase Ink cards changed from being Mastercard to Visa cards.

Application History

March 2013 – Chase Ink Plus Mastercard
May 2013 – Chase Ink Bold Mastercard
Now: Chase Ink plus visa

I decided as it’s been a few months from my last Chase application, so I should attempt to sign up. If I get rejected, I wasn’t planning on applying for another Chase card for a while anyway and I already have two Ink cards. So applied on the website and gave me a “pending decision.” From millionmilesecrets, that means call the consideration line.

Chase Reconsideration Phone Numbers

Application Status: 800-432-3117 or 800-436-7927
Reconsideration (personal cards) 888-871-4649 or 888-245-0625 or 888-609-7805
Reconsideration (business cards) 800-453-9719

Chase Reconsideration Phone Call:

I called in and instantly got a person on the phone. It was a bit too quick and quickly feared that it was just the wrong number I dialed and they were farming my SSN. Luckily after a minute, he came back on the phone to ask me some questions:

  1. Nature of business
  2. 2011, 2012, 2013 Gross revenue and profit
  3. Income
  4. Main source of income (my full time job)
  5. Why I applied for so many cards recently. I told them that I was flying a lot (mileage runs) and staying at a lot of hotels (because of the MR) so I needed all those cards.

After that, he recommended my application for approval. After two minutes it was approved and another two minutes to finalize my application. I asked him what the bonus offers were and he said 50k points with 5k spend in 103 days from today. I said thanks and hung up.

I quickly realized that it may be some weird attachment on the card page, so I quickly called back the customer service line to confirm. I have heard on FT (no proof or link so may be completely false) of some people getting approved for Chase cards but not getting the bonus points, like if you cancel and apply for the same exact card the second time (churn).

I called into the main line and got transferred to the business cards line. Since I was just approved a few minutes ago, she was having a hard time finding my card. Eventually she found my card and she confirmed that the 50k bonus points was linked to my new Chase Ink Visa card! 

Now I have only confirmed that the bonus offer was linked to my card. I’ll post when I meet the 5k spend and get my 50k points in my account.

The Chase Ink Visa card has been around before, so this information is not necessarily new. Back in 2012. the Ink card was Visa until it switched to MC sometime between July 2012 and when I applied for the Ink MC back in March 2013. It seems as if people back then got the bonus for the MC after having the Ink VIsa card.

Additional details about bonus offers from our conversation:

  • Conversion cards (say conversion from Visa to MC or vice versa, initiated over the phone by Chase representatives): no bonus.
  • All new approved Chase applications will get bonus points (odd as cancelled/second time card applicants don’t get them according to people on Flyertalk (FT))

As far as she’s concerned, any new application for Chase Ink cards will get the bonus points. She has even heard of people with the same SSN who apply for two of the same cards within a week of each other and getting bonus for both. As a disclaimer, this may be a situation where its the same SSN, but probably different business TAX IDs. Try at your own risk. Since I feel risky, I may attempt this before the end of the year.

Anyone else can confirm that they got the bonus offer attached to their credit card?

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  1. Any updates on whether the bonus actually posted?

  2. I have the Chase Ink Business Plus Mastercard version currently that I applied for in March 2013. My annual fee is about to post, so I was going to downgrade to a Chase Ink Cash card so my credit doesn’t get dinged like it would if I just cancelled the card. Are you saying that I can then apply for the Chase Ink Business Plus Visa card and receive the bonus?

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