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Trip-a-day Challenge

The recent Expedia Trip-a-day giveaway gets me thinking. Has anyone just decided to go somewhere crazy and booked tickets the day of departure without any other plans?

I was thinking about doing the same if I had about a week off. I would have the following rules:

  1. Pick a destination I haven’t been too that’s in a different continent. I think going to Canada or Mexico or Caribbean from the US, for example, would be too easy.
  2. You can start booking flights (award or paid) at 12am local time (to leave in the morning or afternoon)
  3. Open jaws allowed so you can visit 2 or more countries.
  4. Minimum stay of two nights so you cannot fit it into a weekend. Suggestion would be a full week.
  5. Optional rule: Book a flight on an airline that you do not have status in. This would be especially interesting if it was a paid ticket.
  6. Bonus points: Don’t book the ticket until you get to the airport (like the last scene from the movie “Up In The Air.”

I am considering some other rules, like having a local specialty for all three meals, and having to visit a certain number of tourist attractions when you get there. This would reduce the likelihood of booking it as a MR instead of a true last minute trip.

Do any full time travel bloggers do this on a daily/weekly basis? Just pick up your backpack and go explore another continent?

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