Marathon Training During Layover at SEA

Marathon Training During Layover at SEA: Planning

I had about a five hour layover in SEA in between ANC and DFW so I decided to fit in my short recover run of 5 miles. I packed in the long run of 12 miles Friday night and made Saturday into a rest day. The 5 mile run was on Sunday morning.

I had a light backpack I was traveling with so I changed in the bathroom and fit everything else in the backpack. SEA has a baggage storage company called¬†Ken’s Baggage & Frozen Food Storage. Book-bags are $8 and if you leave it less than 2 hours, its half off. For me, it worked out well.

My run was pretty short so I didn’t need to carry water or prepare for this run. It was also a cold but damp morning so I could have ran about 7-10 miles without water.


This was the route I took:

MapMyRun 5mi SeaTac Airport 9-2013

MapMyRun 5mi SeaTac Airport 9-2013

You run south out of the airport and make a right. You make a left towards SeaTac City hall. You proceed north until you run past a Safeway and then turn left. Then its all grids going back to SEA so it should be easy.

Here were some of the pictures of the route.

20130915_084634 (1024x768) 20130915_074525 (1024x768) 20130915_074900 (1024x768) 20130915_074906 (1024x768) 20130915_075402 (1024x768) 20130915_075941 (1024x768) 20130915_075950 (1024x768) 20130915_080136 (1024x768) 20130915_080958 (1024x768) 20130915_082059 (1024x768) 20130915_082108 (1024x768) 20130915_082646 (768x1024)

The road I took back to SEA had a nice view of the airport on the way back as it was a downhill leading up to the airport. You can’t see the airport very clearly in the picture below because of the fog.

20130915_083024 (1024x768)

The run is mostly through quiet residential neighborhoods and most of the run were on sidewalks. When I was heading east and south again towards the airport, there wasn’t a sidewalk but they were very quiet streets.

Luckily, it stayed relatively dry during my run. It was a bit humid but it was cool. An hour later, there was a light drizzle.

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