Load Bluebird via Debit Card for free, $100 daily, $1000 monthly limit

So I got an email about an hour about “Another no-fee way to add funds to your Bluebird Account.” I opened the email and it says load from debit cards are no fee, but there is still a daily and monthly limit.

Bluebird Debit Email

Bluebird Debit Email

Here are some of the disclaimers about the process:

  • You can link up to 4 debit cards to your Bluebird Account, but the same debit card cannot be linked to more than one Bluebird Account.
  • Verification of your debit card is immediate. Once verified, your debit card is linked to your Bluebird Account, and you can add funds immediately.

Below is the fee chart for deposits:

Bluebird Deposit Fee

Bluebird Deposit Fee

However, there is a $100 daily limit and also a $1000 monthly limit. This sounds like a pain as you can only do $100 a day, so it would take about two weeks to liquidate all the cards you purchase a month. However, it does increase your monthly Bluebird deposits to $6k a month as this debit card limit is separate from the VR monthly limit.

CPM calculations:

Each $200 card at an office supply store is $6.95. That comes out to be 0.69 CPM if you use Chase Ink for purchasing the $200 gift card at office supplies stores, which is just under the 0.79 CPM for VR reloads with Bluebird. However, you can get up to 5k points a month with just $1k spend. 

Another option is to use the Amex Gold cards to purchase $500 gift cards at a supermarket. Amex Gold has a 2x supermarket bonus category, but the CPM is also right at 0.695. You still have the same $1k monthly load limits however and can only get 2k MR points a month with this option.

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