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Dublin Marathon 2013: Cheap Eats: Hot Wok and The Italian Connection

Hot Wok and The Italian Connection

Below is my review of two very affordable places to eat. The Italian Connection is better for dinner as Hot Wok is great for lunch or just a cheap snack in the middle of the day. If you want to go cheap for dinner, Hot Wok is a great choice.

Hot Wok

Many bus drivers go for their food at Hot Wok. Box of noodles only 3.50 EUR, with veg its 4.50 EUR and meat is 5.50 EUR. Very good price for the food. I got this twice.

I normally wouldn’t post about it, but this was an amazing deal and the food was very good. Not local authentic Irish food but good food for really cheap. They also have the hot chili oil, hot/sour sauce and soy sauce to go with the noodles. The chili oil and hot/sour sauce is a good combination. I’m still thinking about those noodles.

Here is Hot Wok. It is near the corner of O’ Connell Street lower and Earl Street North.


It supposedly opens till midnight everyday but it was closed before 11pm when I was there Saturday night. I needed some cheap food after a night of drinking but just went without and just made sure to drink a lot of water. Still didn’t help

The Italian Connection

This area has a good collection of cheap restaurants. The Italian Connection is down the block on Earl Street North from Hot Wok.


There are a pair of pizza places that is across the street from each other that sells by the slice. There was also another Italian restaurant across the street with a similar menu.

I went to this one as it was less crowded at the time. It had a pasta dish for around 10 EUR with many around 11 and 12. I got the prawns which was 12.50 EUR, but it was amazing. I asked for a bigger portion but they didn’t charge extra for it. It was a good amount of food for the price. It also tasted great. It was good for my carb loading.

I met this couple who were also traveling. They live about two hours outside of Dublin and they work in Dublin but don’t normally come here at night or stay in the city. They were telling me the story about how they met. They live fairly close to one another but both have moved elsewhere during their lives. They met online and they found out they lived about a few miles from each other as they both moved back to Ireland. They dated for a short while before getting married.

I hope to find some authentic Irish pub food soon. That will be Monday/Tuesday after the marathon!

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