DAA Executive Lounge at DUB and Lufthansa Business Class DUB-FRA

DAA Executive Lounge at DUB and Lufthansa Business Class DUB-FRA

I stayed at the Clarion Hotel Dublin Airport the night before the flight. Here was my review of the property. Overall, very nice and the shortest walk to the airport.

Clarion Hotel Dublin Airport Review.

So I woke around 3:30am to get to the airport around 4am for my 6am flight. When I was booking the flight, there wasn’t another option. However, when I changed to the LH F flight out FRA, this gave me about 4 hours at the First Class Terminal, so totally worth waking up early for.
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Below you will see automated kiosks to print your boarding passes and then drop off the luggage.

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Once through security, which was very thin at 4am, I made it to the DAA lounge. This was the lounge for many different airlines and the one I had access to with my business class ticket on Lufthansa.

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The lounge opened a few minutes prior but already it was starting to fill up with passengers on the first few flights out of Dublin Terminal 1.

IMG_0323 IMG_0325

There was a decent breakfast selection with cereal, granola bars, yogurt and fresh cut fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, etc) along with the bananas, apples, pastries and muffins. There was a coffee machine and also a hard liquor dispenser on the far right.

IMG_0327 IMG_0328

The other half of the lounge was mostly a business and sitting area.


Once I got out of the lounge around 5am for my flight, the airport got much busier.

IMG_0331 IMG_0333

Luckily there was a separate line for business class and priority passengers so I managed to board quickly.

Below is some pictures of the business class cabin for LH intra-Europe flights. There weren’t many people in front and I had all three seats to myself, even though the middle one is blocked so only two people can sit on each row (4 on both sides).

IMG_0336 IMG_0337 IMG_0338

This was the breakfast offered. It was definitely interesting to have salami at 7am. An hour after takeoff we could see the sunrise from 30k feet.

IMG_0342 IMG_0343

An image of a LH 747 (not sure if its a -4 or -8, but most likely -4 with its shorter upper deck).



IMG_0349 IMG_0350

It was interesting that they decided to use the middle doors to deplane everyone.

IMG_0351 IMG_0352

My next stop: Lufthansa First Class Terminal!

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