KIX Refresh Cabin and Air China Business Class Lounge at PEK

KIX Refresh Cabin and Air China Business Class Lounge at PEK

I landed at KIX in the morning and had two hours to kill. I didn’t have any lounge access as I was flying coach KIX-PEK. I decided to check out the KIX Refresh Cabin, which was quite affordable. It was about $5 per hour and it includes use of their shower facilities.

IMG_0455 IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0459

There were non alcoholic drinks and tea. I do not believe there were any snacks.

IMG_0460 IMG_0461

There was a row of four massage chairs. I tested it for a few minutes before I left and it was quite nice.


The shower was a bit small but worked well. It was great to take a shower after my 11 hour flight.


There was also a kid’s room as well.

Below was the gate area for my KIX-PEK flight on ANA. The flight was good. I was a bit upset that there was no business class award availability, yet the whole business class cabin was essentially open. There must have been more than 20 open seats. It looked much more comfortable up there.

IMG_0470 IMG_0471

So here was where it got interesting. I booked it a bit late, so the only availability was PEK-PVG-SYD flight left. The PEK-PVG flight was considered domestic so I could not check in online nor would I be able to be able to transfer to the flight without going through immigration. Luckily I could get a 24 hour transit visa and cleared immigration and customs. I’ll discuss this more in my next post: Air China Business Class PEK-SYD.

Here are a few pictures of the check-in area at PEK. Pretty nice, in a Chinese kind of way.

IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0477 IMG_0478 IMG_0480 IMG_0481 IMG_0483 IMG_0484

I was a bit surprised that they had this out in the open. You could technically sneak into this area and take some free water or juice.

IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488

As always, any line in China is super crowded. I was flying business now so I was on the elite line. It was way shorter than the normal line (picture #2) but it didn’t feel that way.

IMG_0489 IMG_0490

So this is actually the domestic business class lounge at PEK as my first flight is PEK-PVG. It looks very similar to the lounge at the international terminal. There is a separate first class lounge.

IMG_0491 IMG_0492

Here are some private rooms you can sleep in. First come first serve. The second picture is the snack counter. Not much here, just some non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. There was cup noodles that you can make yourself with the hot water dispenser.

IMG_0493 IMG_0494

Despite not seeing many people in the pictures, the lounge was a bit busy that day (Thursday afternoon).



In the rear of the lounge is where some meals are served at the set times seen below. It was too early for dinner so I had to leave the lounge early for some proper food.

IMG_0496 IMG_0497



There is only some bamboo splitting the business class lounge and the first class lounge. There was a small space you could probably squeeze through to get to the first class terminal. I should have to see what was on the other side but I didn’t.



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