Auckland Marathon 2013: A Day in Auckland

Auckland Marathon 2013: A Day in Auckland

I will only be spending a day in Auckland other than the marathon day as my wife and I were here for a few days for our honeymoon. I am only here for the day to pick up my race packet. Here was the walking route I took:

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The first place I went was to the lobby of the observation desk at the top of Skycity. Skycity is a casino complex that sits adjacent to the skycity tower, which can be seen from anywhere in Auckland. This is the tallest free standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. I do not think it counts as a building.

IMG_0700 IMG_0701

The ground floor lobby for the observation deck and other activities relating to the spire is in the basement underneath the tower. Below is a picture of the escalator down to the lobby.

IMG_0572 IMG_0573

My wife and I have been up the tower the last time we were here so I took a quick tour of the gift shop before continuing to the packet pickup. GlenGarry is a large wine store that also offers wine tasting. We went there a few years ago on our first visit.

IMG_0574 IMG_0575

Below is pictures of Victoria park from Halsey Street. This is where the finish area will be but today, the day before the marathon, it was empty.

IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0579

I am walking north on Halsey street with the view of the Marina that is inside of the Viaduct Basin. This is only a few blocks from the packet pickup.

IMG_0581 IMG_0582

Here you have a great view of Skycity Tower.


The below pictures shows the expo hall that the marathon expo is taking place. It is right in Halsey Wharf and marked with a red X on the first Google Maps picture.

IMG_0586 IMG_0588 IMG_0625

In my next post, I will cover the Auckland Marathon Expo.

Nearby is the facility where New Zealand’s America’s Cup team was being housed before the competition two months ago. I wasn’t able to go in but there were still two stores still selling NZ America’s Cup merchandise in the nearby area.

IMG_0587 IMG_0619 IMG_0620 IMG_0621 IMG_0623

That day, there was a charity event “Paddle For Hope.” I can’t remember what the charity funds.

IMG_0624  IMG_0626

There is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the Viaduct, which was pretty nice.

IMG_0628 IMG_0629

Below was an exhibit of an older America’s Cup boat. The sheer size of it was massive.

IMG_0631 IMG_0632

Below is the ferry Terminal in Auckland. This is the ferry that I will need to take to Davenport for the Auckland Marathon, but they also have many other ferries, including the one we took to Waiheke Island three years ago. From the last picture you can see the Cruise Terminal just adjacent to the ferry terminal.

The marathon would run through here. This is where mile 14 would start and its an out and back course for the back half of the marathon, with the finish line about 1/2 mile away from the ferry terminal.

IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0637 IMG_0638

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