MAMAK Malaysian Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand

MAMAK Malaysian Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand

I went to this restaurant twice as it was very good and very affordable. They also take credit card as well as I do not have any cash on me for this two day trip. I found this restaurant on TripAdvisor, and this was one of the top ranked restaurants in the city, despite its very affordable cost.

Mamak is a type of Malaysian Cuisine that focuses on using Indian Curry. Otherwise, the food isn’t much different. I walked by another very popular Mamak restaurant in downtown Sydney as well. Outside of these two cities, I have never heard of it. Some of the dishes can be spicy and just in case, I had them tone down the spice level of one of the dishes. I would say if its spicy (at this restaurant) or one pepper icon, it is mild. They generally had two types of spicy: curry and peppers. It does make a difference.

There is a new Mamak restaurant that opened up in Queens, NY that I am looking forward to trying.

They close for a few hours in the middle of the day, between 3 and 5pm I believe so plan around that. I went around 6pm the first day, and 1:30pm the second day and there wasn’t a line. I have seen on the online reviews that it can be very busy at times and that you would need to wait for a table. There are a few tables inside and outside under a large umbrella with heat lamps as well.

I spoke with the owner for about 10 minutes each time I was there. He asked why I was in town and I told him that I was running the marathon the next day.

I got the Malaysian Milk Tea which was very good. It is pulled tea, which is very similar to how Hong Kong Milk Tea is made. I got the fried rice and it was very good.

IMG_0001 IMG_0004

After the race, I stopped by again to have another meal before my flight to Sydney.

100 Plus is a common sports drink in Malaysia and he gave me one to try. It is very similar to Sprite but not as sweet.

This time, I got the Malaysian Coffee as I needed to stay awake for a little while until I get to the Airport. I believe this was what kept me from sleeping on my flight to Sydney.  There is condensed milk on the bottom with the coffee on top. This time I got a spicy curry noodle soup with chicken, which was also amazing. He put in large chunks of chicken thigh, which was really good.

IMG_0709 IMG_0710

After my last meal in Auckland, I took the airport shuttle to my flight.

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